What does Google say about….

It’s a simple post. I just used Google search engine’s auto-fill function to check what are the most common search queries for some famous or infamous people in India and countries around us. The results are from Google India and dated 22 April 2011. Results are posted as they are and I haven’t changed anything or made any modifications. Some of the results may vary with location and time.

First is former Indian Prime Minister, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Just the single result relating to his famous bachelorhood.



Now it’s one of the most controversial (and least liked by yours sachly) journalists of India, Burkha Dutt


Traitor, Congress agent. No surprises there.

Another of least like personalities. A publicity whore. Again, personal only.

An idiot, Irresponsible and lame, Anti India. Again, no surprises except is hot. God !( of ugly things).



Here are queries for Mahindra Singh Dhoni, captain of Indian cricket team which won 2011 World Cup.

Obama of cricket ! haha


Let’s see what are the results for his Paki counterpart, Shahid Afridi

Is a cheat, gay,dancing on the pitch. What the hell? :))


Let’s see what we come up with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

Weak PM, puppet, economist. Well well..


What do people think about the puppet master, Sonia Gandhi ?

Prostitute, CIA agent, bar dancer and .. ahem. Let’s skip to her son.


Here he is, Clown Prince Rahul Gandhi

Gay, Christian, anti Hindu and Idiot. What’s with Google and first family ?!?!


Moving away from Gandhi family, let’s have Dalit Ke Beti Mayavati,

India’s anti obama. What the hell that’s supposed to mean. I guess it’s still better than crazy, corrupt


Let’s see about Gujarat’s PM, Narendra Modi


Hero, killer. Alright. But what is Son of Thor. I’m not too familiar with Viking/Scandinavian myths. Seems impressive by the sound of it.


Moving away from people to countries, here is the first and my favourite, INDIA, Bharat, Hindustan.

Democratic republic, mega diversity nation, secular country, super power. :) :)


Now comes 2nd favourite, Bhutan.

Happiest place. Sure. Monarchy ? Not anymore.


Another former monarchy, Nepal.

rich in culture, famous for. Famous for having a culture maybe?


Moving on to Tibet

Ruled by which country ? :/ Free Tibet



Let’s see Sri Lanka.

Greener than Kerala, is it safe ? Well, LTTE terrorists are gone, so it must be safe. Wishing peaceful, prosperous future ahead to all Sri Lankans.


Now comes Maynmar, formerly known as Burma.

a country, in which country ? Not a famous place yet, I guess.


How does Bangladesh fare?

better than pakistan. Sure it is. ;) is sinking ! Really ?


Turn of our biggest neighbour China,

Threat to India, communist country. No surprises here.


What does google say about our most troublesome neighbour ?

Failed state, worst country, beggar, The problem. High Five Google! :)


Well, that’s all for now. Regarding Pakistan, people might find the following post interesting.

Pakistanis top in searching for gay and animal porn






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