TV Channels Banned In Jammu

I don’t know when it happened, but police barged into offices of local broadcasters and forcibly stopped transmission. Now no channel in my locality (Gandhi nagar) is working. 
Local channels show this message only 
“JK Channel & Take1 Channel banned By Administration” 

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These were the only channels that were showing actuall truth. National channels didn’t show even 1% of what was actually happening on ground
Further, phones arenot working properly. Can’t yet blame it on sabotage by government, but quality of service has dropped dramaticaly.


  1. Governor Vorha first mishadled the whole situation by trying to curb the genuine protest by the people of jammu over the death of Kuldeep verma and it is he who is responsible for esclating situation by ordering adminstration to burn the body of Kuldeep verma. His fickle mind could not understand the consequences of his foolish decision which reveals his dictatorial mentality. Now by sealing media offices in jammu he is further trying to snatch the fundamental rights of jammuties. Jammu is burning any gov Vorha is putting oil to fire. i appeal to people of jammu not to accept defeat and fight aganst the dictatorial mentality and discriminatory attitude meted out to jammu.

  2. Jammu should continue this fight against the Islamic terrorists in Kashmir region. If they give in now, these rascals like Omar and Mehbooba will forever keep them suppressed.

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