Truth behind controversy of Modi govt’s scholarship to only minority students

A lot of people I follow on Twitter type platforms are angry with the news that Modi govt is giving away 5 crore scholarships in next 5 years to “minorities” while ignoring Hindus. A lot of Raita Wingers in prepetual outrage mode as well as saner folks are pretty pissed about it. I was pretty annoyed by this too and did a bit of searching around to find out that most of it is just baseless controversy due to shoddy reporting and incomplete data. This will be too long for Twitter and the leftist jihadis running it are censoring my account anyway. So posting rebuttals here:

1. Number of scholarships is 5 crores over a period of 5 years, 1 crore per annum. But guess what total number of students in whole country appearing for board exams is ? 1.44 crores


I couldn’t find any data about religion wise breakup, but it should be a safe assumption that even if pre-matric numbers are included, than the number will be 2-2.2 crore per annum. Even if 1 crore scholarships are being given per year, it shouldn’t be hard to calculate that it’s impossible to meet these numbers without including Hindus

2. Ideally, even point 1 should be enough to satisfy most people, but there’s more to be sure. This is what PIB posted from Minister MA Naqvi’s press conference.:

Shri Naqvi said that our target is to provide “Pradhanmantri Scholarship” to 5 crore students in the next five years, which will include 50 per cent girl students. The entire process of “Pradhanmatri Scholarship” has been made easier and transparent through DBT mode.

Link :

I can’t find anything which says that the scholarship is only for minorities, not Hindus. The press conference was indeed by a Muslim minister handling Minister for Minority Affairs along with Minister of State, Kiren Rijju. But the statement NEVER specified that the scholarships will only be for minorities. It was only media outlets which reported it as such.

3. This Pradhanmantri Scholarship scheme includes multiple schemes for different categories of students, most of which do not have anything to do with religion. These schemes include children of defence personnel (, existing scholarship schemes like
 10 lakh Begum Hazrat Mahal Girls Scholarship for female students and quite a few more.

In nutshell: Storm in a tea cup and baseless controversy. If I’m missing anything, please feel free to point out.

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