War Scenario. Part LIV (Last)

Previous Part1015 Hours 13th November 2012 India DM finished reading the thick 100+ page file that contained bulk of agreements signed between India and China, closed his eyes and leaned back on his chair. He had been working like a mule for last two weeks and it was the first moment in many days … Continue reading

War Scenario. Part LIII

Previous Part0100 Hours6th November 2012Somewhere In IndiaJust like the last time, Chinese President came to the point of interest immediately, "Mr. Angad, I must strongly protest your army's actions in Aksai Chin and Shaksgam Valley. I thought that we had an agreement on not escalating the … Continue reading

War Scenario. Part LII

Previous Part0120 Hours5 November 2012Phalcon AWACSSkies Over LaddakhThe incident caused a fair amount of heart burn inside Chinese military. In spite of being stretched to the limit by Uighur and Tibetan rebels, PLA still had formidable offensive firepower at it's disposal and Mission Controller … Continue reading

War Scenario LI

Previous Part1655 Hours4 November 2012Forward Army HQ Turtok, 101 KM North East of LehAdvancing Indian forces in Pak occupied Kashmir were facing logistical nightmares of highest magnitude possible. Except for occasional pot shots few left-over jihadis and defiant Paki army personnel, resistance … Continue reading