This is going to be a long rant which may seem offensive to some people. So if your sensibilities are easily hurt, please don’t read further.


So…you’re still here. In case you didn’t know  I was in Mcleodganj last month and wrote a long series of posts about my experiences there. What I left out was how some stupid tourists make it highly annoying for other people. I usually hate generalisations, but this experience made it look like that some traits are ingrained in certain groups of people more than others.


Indian Females 

In my experience, a majority of Indian women should not go out to travel unless it involves fully air-conditioned hotels complemented by cabs which pick and drop   them to and from every destination. A professional photographer should also be included in the entourage just to provide them with an added incentive to come out of their cars. The photographer in turn should be expert in clicking photos tailor made for facebook.Continue reading