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In 2017, 18 Group Armies (GA, similar to Corps in other militaries) were reorganised into 13 GAs. Air Force, Navy, Rocket forces are being included in these new GAs under new designations. Previously 7 Military Regions(MR) have been converted in to five Theater Commands (TC) Northern, Southern, Central, Eastern and Western.  Space, Cyber and Electronic warfare has been consolidated under Strategic Support Force.

MRs were responsible for a wide range of combat and non-combat functions such as management, command, peacetime operations and force building. Additionally, in case of a war, command staff drawn from Beijing would be in command. New TCs are responsible for only training and joint operations. Rest of the functions have been given to other organisations.

Among a few other things, this allows the Central Military Commission (CMC) to have direct authority over Chinese armed forces. Many of these reforms seem to be based on changing US war doctrines. How will Chinese manage remains to be seen. CMC now has:

6 Departments:

  1. Logistical Support:  Overall logistics command
  2. Political Work: Political control through commissars.
  3. Joint Staff: Operational planning, logistics and strategy,
  4. Training & Administration: Training command.
  5. Equipment Development: Technological R&D, acquisition & maintenance.
  6. National Defence Mobilisation Development: Management & mobilisation of reserve forces.

3 Commissions

  1. Politics & Law: Military law & governance.
  2. Science & technology: Development and liaising with civil scientific fields
  3. Discipline Inspection: Organisational cohesiveness. 

6 Offices

  1. General Office
  2. Administration
  3. Auditing, 
  4. International Cooperation
  5. Reform & Organisation Structure
  6. Strategic Planning

Chairman of CMC, who is also the President of China Xi Jinping now has direct command and leadership over the entirety of Chinese armed forces through this structure.

Under the new structure, the Armies will have Combined Arms Brigades and a few support brigades. Each TC has ground and air forces under its command in addition to conventional missile units. Northern, Eastern and Southern commands also have naval units.

 Composition of Group Army : – 

  • 6 Combined Arms Brigades 
  • Six Support Brigades
    • 1 Artillery
    • 1 Air Defense 
    • 1 Army aviation or Air Assault
    • Special Operations
    • Engineer
    • Service Support

Combined Arms Brigade (CBA) are classified as light (mountain or light mechanised) or heavy (mechanised infantry or armoured). There are 4 types of CBAs, namely HEAVY, MEDIUM, LIGHT & AMPHIBIOUS.

 Composition of Heavy Combined Arms Brigade : – 

Total of 5000-6000 soldiers

  • 4 Combined Arms Battalions each with 2 tank companies, 2 mechanised infantry companies (plus artillery and support??)
  • 1 Artillery Battalion  
  • 1 Air Defense Battalion
  • 1 Combat Support Battalion 
  • 1 Logistic Support Battalion
  • 1 Reconnaissance Battalion
  • 1 Guard & Service Company

Composition of Light Combined Arms Brigade 

  • 3 Motorised Light Infantry Battalions (Dongfeng EQ-2102 & MV-3 trucks)
  • 1 High Mobility Infantry Battalion (Warrior KSK 4×4 armoured utility vehicle, Humvee copy)
  • 1 Artillery Battalion  
  • 1 Air Defense Battalion
  • 1 Combat Support Battalion 
  • 1 Logistic Support Battalion??
  • 1 Reconnaissance Battalion
  • 1 Guard & Service Company

Composition of Mechanised Infantry Brigade

  • 4 Mechanised Battalions
  • Tank Battalion (35 Type-99 tanks)
    • 11 tanks each in 3 tank companies + 2 Command tanks in battalion HQ
  • Artillery Battalion (18 122mm PLZ-07B SPG)
  • Engineer Battalion
  • Signals Battalion 

Composition of Independent Artillery Brigade

  • 2 Battalions (36 units) truck mounted PCL-181 155/52mm howitzers.  
  • 2 Battalion 36 units) PHL-03 300mm MLRS

Composition of Independent Air Defence Brigade

  • 1 Battalion (24 units) 35mm towed AA
  • 12 FM-90 SAM

Composition of Infantry Squads

Each platoon has 3 squads. Each squad forms two fire teams of varying fire power depending upon composition and loadout.

Heavy Infantry CBAs 


SQUAD : 9 (2 vehicle crew, rest dismounts)

  1. 1 Sergeant or Staff Sergeant:QBZ-95 rifle. Can be vehicle commander and may not always dismount.
  2. 1 2nd IC: QBZ-95 rifle. May have QLG-10 Grenade launcher or QBS-9 shotgun.
  3. 2 Light Machine Gunners: QBB-95. Part of two fireteams
  4. 1 Designated Marksman: QBU-88 (Equivalent to Dragunov).
  5. 2 Riflemen: QBZ-95
  6. Driver & Gunner: QSZ-92 pistol or QBZ-95 carbine

Medium Infantry CBAs

VEHICLES:ZBL-8 (8 wheeled) ICVs & supporting vehicles

SQUAD : 9 (2 vehicle crew , rest dismounts)

  1. 1 Sergeant or Staff Sergeant:QBZ-95 rifle. Can be vehicle commander and may not always dismount.
  2. 1 2nd IC: QBZ-95 rifle. May have QLG-10 Grenade launcher or QBS-9 shotgun.
  3. 1 Light Machine Gunner: QBB-95. 
  4. 1 Designated Marksman: QBU-88 (Equivalent to Dragunov).
  5. 1 Rocket Gunner: PF-98A rocket. 1 Riflemen in support role, may carry 2 rocket rounds.
  6. 2 Riflemen: QBZ-95
  7. Driver & Gunner: QSZ-92 pistol or QBZ-95 carbine

Army’s Marine Infantry CBAs

Heavy CBA with amphibious capabilities.. 

VEHICLES: ZBD-5 Amphibious ICV

SQUAD : 9 (2 vehicle crew , rest dismounts)

  1. 1 Sergeant or Staff Sergeant:QBZ-95 rifle. Can be vehicle commander and may not always dismount.
  2. 1 2nd IC: QBZ-95 rifle. May have QLG-10 Grenade launcher or QBS-9 shotgun.
  3. 2 Light Machine Gunners: QBB-95. Part of two fireteams

OR 1 Light Machine Gunner: QBB-95 and 1 Rocket Gunner: PF-98A rocket or QLZ-87 Automatic Grenade Launcher. 1 Riflemen in support role, may carry 2 rocket rounds.

  1. 1 Designated Marksman: QBU-88 (Equivalent to Dragunov).
  2. 2 Riflemen: QBZ-95
  3. Driver & Gunner: QSZ-92 pistol or QBZ-95 carbine

Light Infantry CBAs

High mobility, quick response units

VEHICLES: 3.5 ton trucks, 4×4 vehicles

SQUAD : 9 (1 driver who may or may not operate a mounted weapon)

  1. 1 Sergeant or Staff Sergeant:QBZ-95 rifle. Can be vehicle commander and may not always dismount.
  2. 1 2nd IC: QBZ-95 rifle. May have QLG-10 Grenade launcher or QBS-9 shotgun.
  3. 1 Light Machine Gunner: QBB-95. 
  4. 1 Designated Marksman: QBU-88 (Equivalent to Dragunov).
  5. 1 Rocket Gunner: PF-98A rocket. 1 Rifleman in support role, may carry 2 rocket rounds.
  6. 3 Riflemen: QBZ-95
  7. Driver: QSZ-92 pistol or QBZ-95 carbine

Navy’s Marine Infantry CBAs

VEHICLES: Lynx 8×8 ATV and MI-17 helicopters


  1. 1 Sergeant or Staff Sergeant:QBZ-95 rifle. Can be vehicle commander and may not always dismount.
  2. 1 2nd IC: QBZ-95 rifle. May have QLG-10 Grenade launcher or QBS-9 shotgun.
  3. 1 Light Machine Gunner: QBB-95. 
  4. 1 Designated Marksman: QBU-88 (Equivalent to Dragunov).
  5. 1 Rocket Gunner: PF-98A rocket. 1 Rifleman in support role, may carry 2 rocket rounds.
  6. 4 Riflemen: QBZ-95

Battalion Command 

After discarding Soviet system of command in which regimental HQs did most of planning and staff work for battalions. PLA has now eliminated regiments from chain of command.  Battalions will now be capable of planning and executing operations independently. Battalion Commander directly commands a deputy battalion commander, master sergeant, chief of staff and four non-commissioned officers.

Further, a battalion will have following staff personnel:

  • Operations and Reconnaissance Officer
  • Artillery and engineering officer??
  • Communications officer
  • Support Officer


  • Army Aviation Brigades (AAB): 15. Each GA and Xinjiang and Tibet MDs are assigned an AAB. Personnel and aircraft from 7 brigades, 5 regiments and new equipment were used for their creation.
  • Special Operations Forces Brigades (SOFB) : 16.  Created from existing 9 SOFBs, 2 regiments and new personnel.
  • Support Brigades: 87
  • Marine Brigades: 6. One motorised infantry brigade in Shandong, coastal defense units in Fujian, Shandong were consolidated into 4 new marine brigades. South Sea Fleet under Southern TC already had two MBs. Now Northern and Eastern TCs have two new MBs each.


  • WESTERN THEATER COMMAND Guangzhou, Guangdong


LAND: Sichuan, Chongqing and Tibet. India, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan borders.

MARITIME: None. Naval conflict would be handled through Southern?? TC’s Naval Fleet.


Major focus on India. This seems to be the only TC which still retains some divisions. 2 to 2.35 lakh troops from border defence units and regular army.

5-6 CBAs deployed in Depsang, Galwan, Hot Spring, Pangong Tso, Demchok and Chumar sectors.

Tibet Military Region (TMR) comes under PLA’s Ground Forces Command instead of Western TC

  • 76th Group Army, Xining, Qinghai Province (Former 21st Group Army)

6 Combined Arms Brigades & 6 Support Brigades. 45000 to 6000 soldiers in Qinghai, Gansu and Ningxia.

Chief : Major General Yang Yi 

2nd IC: Major General Zhou Jianguo 

Political Commissar: Lieutenant General Zhang Hongbing 


  • Tanks: Type-99A
  • Helicopters: WZ-10 Attack, Mi-17, Z-18
  • IFV: ZBD-04A
  • Artillery: 
    • PLL-09 (Type-09) 122 mm SPhowitzer on ZBL-08 (8 wheels Type-08 IFV)
    •  PCL-09 (Type-96) 122 mm SP Mortars, 
    • PLL PHZ-11 122 mm MLRS, 300 mm MLRS
  • Air Defence: PGZ-07/Type-7 SP AAA twin 35 mm, Type 95 SP AAA quad 25 mm
  • Anti-Tank: AFT-10 NLOS ATGM


  • 14th Heavy Combined Arms Brigade?? or
  • 17th Combined Arms Brigade
  • 56th Combined Arms Brigade
  • 62nd Heavy Combined Arms Brigade 
  • 149th Combined Arms Brigade
  • 182nd Combined Arms Brigade
  • 76th Special Operations Brigade
  • 12th Armoured Brigade
  • 76th Artillery Brigade. 
  • 76th Air Defence Brigade.
  • 76th or 77th Special Operations Brigade “Tiger”?? (500 troops)
  • Engineer Brigade
  • Army Aviation Brigade
  • 77th Group Army, Changzhou City, Sichuan. (Former 13th Group Army)

6 Combined Arms Brigades & 7 Support Brigades??

Chief: Maj Gen Lin Huomao 

2nd IC: Major General Li Zhonglin 

Political Commissar: Major General Li Zehua Deputy 

His 2nd IC: Major General Gao Daguang


  • Tanks: Type-99A
  • Helicopters: WZ-10 Attack, Mi-17, Z-18??
  • IFV: ZBL-8 & Support vehicles on same platform
  • Artillery: Truck Type-96 122 mm Self Propelled Mortars, Type-05 120 mm (WZ-551 6 wheeled IFV) and 122 mm truck mounted howitzers,  PHZ-11 122 mm MLRS
  • Air Defence: HQ-7B SAM
  • Anti-Tank: AFT-10 NLOS ATGM


  • 139th Heavy Combined Arms Brigade
    • 3-4 Infantry Battalions
    • ??
  • 181st Combined Arms Brigade
    • 4 Infantry Battalions
    • 7th Air Defence Battalion (HQ-7B SAM)
    • 6th Artillery Battalion
    • ??
  • 39th Medium Combined Arms Brigade
  • 40th Mountain Combined Arms Brigade
  • 55th Light Combined Arms Brigade
  • 150th Light Combined Arms Brigade
  • 181st Medium Combined Arms Brigade
  • 77th Army Aviation Brigade
  • 77th Special Operations Brigade (500 troops)
  • 77th Artillery Brigade
  • 77th Air Defence Brigade
  • 77th Service Support Brigade
  • 77th Engineering Brigade
  • 4th Motorised Infantry Division, Xinjiang MD

13000 troops.

Will have Special Operations Brigade, Artillery Brigade and 3-4 infantry brigades

  • 6th Highland Mechanised Infantry Division, Depsang
    • 7th Mechanised Infantry Regiment/4 battalions
    • 18th Mechanised Infantry Regiment
    • ?? Armoured Regiment
    • Field Artillery Regiment
    • Combat Engineer Battalion
    • EW Battalion
    • CBRN Defence Battalion
    • Infantry Company & AD Platoon for HQ security
    • Reconnaissance Battalion (18 ZBD-04A ICV with AFT-10 ATGM)
    • AAA Regiment
      • Battalion of 24 GZ-09 35mm SPG
      • Battalion of 18 HQ-17 SAM
      • 6 FN-6 MANPADS
    • Aviation Regiment (Squadron of 6 each, Harbin Z-9 and Mi-17 helicopters)
  • 8th Motorised Infantry Division, Xinjiang MD
    • 13000 troops.
    • 1st & 2nd Independent Regiments (2800 troops each)
    • 12th & 13th Border Defence Regiments (2800 troops each)
    • Artillery Brigade
    • Special Operations Brigade
  • 11th Motorised Infantry Division, Xinjiang MD

13000 troops.

Will have Special Operations Brigade, Artillery Brigade and 3-4 infantry brigades

  • Decommissioned: 47th Group Army
  • No naval fleet
  • Air Assets
    • 16th Fighter Brigade,Yinchuan, Ningxia. Ürümqi Base
      •  J-11,Su-27SK, J-11BS Su-27UBK
    • 112th Fighter Brigade. Malan, Xinjiang. Ürümqi Base
      • Urumqi Base. J-7II, JJ-7A
    • 178th UAV Brigade?? 
    • 36th Bomber Division?? Wugong and Lintong Airbases
      • .H-6M/6K, Can launch 3-4 CJ-10
      • 108th Air Regiment 
    • 4th Transport Division
      • 10th Air Regiment, Y-9
      • 11th Air Regiment, Y-9
      • 12th Air Regiment, Y-7, Y-7H, Y-20, Mi-17v
  • Air Bases
    • Lanzhou
    • Urumqi
    • Xi’an Flying Academy


PLA had 3 line brigades (52nd, 53rd and 54th mountain brigades) deployed in Tibet. 15th Airborne Corps from Wuhan was assigned in 2016-17 in response to Indian new mountain strike corps. It had 3 Divisions (43rd, 44th and 45th) which were reformed into 6 independent brigades (127th, 128th, 130th, 131st, 133rd and 134th).  It’ll also have a Special Operations Brigade, an aviation brigade and a Strategic Support Brigade (Communications and Engineering). Total of 9 independent brigades under one Corps HQ.


  • 15th Airborne Corps 

Not sure if still assigned to Tibet MD.

  • 127th (I) Brigade
  • 128th (I) Brigade
  • 130th (I) Brigade
  • 131st (I) Brigade
  • 133rd (I) Brigade
  • 134th (I) Brigade
  • Special Operations Brigade
  • Strategic Support Brigade
  • Aviation Brigade
  • 52nd Mountain Motorised Infantry Brigade, Nyingchi (4600 troops)
    • Unit 77675, Mountain Infantry battalion. 700 troops.
    • Unit 77678, Artillery regiment. 1100 troops.
    • 1st Infantry Battalion. 700 troops
    • 2nd Infantry Battalion. 700 troops
    • 3rd Infantry Battalion. 700 troops
    • 4th Infantry Battalion. 700 troops
  • 53rd Mountain Motorised Infantry Brigade, Lhasa/Nyingchi? (4600 troops)
    • Unit 77680, Mountain Infantry battalion. 700 troops.
    • Unit 77683, Artillery regiment. 1100 troops.
    • 1st Infantry Battalion. 700 troops
    • 2nd Infantry Battalion. 700 troops
    • 3rd Infantry Battalion. 700 troops
    • 4th Infantry Battalion. 700 troops
  • 54th Mechanised Infantry Brigade, Lhasa (3000 troops)

More Independent Border Defence Brigades?

  • 85th Special Operations Brigade
  • 85th Army Aviation Brigade
  • 85th Artillery Brigade
  • 85th Air Defence Brigade
  • 85th Engineering Brigade
  • 7th Electronic Counter Measures Brigade
  • 351st Border Defence Regiment
  • 352nd Border Defence Regiment
  • 353rd Border Defence Regiment
  • 354th Border Defence Regiment
  • 355th Border Defence Regiment
  • 356th Border Defence Regiment
  • 357th Border Defence Regiment
  • 358th Border Defence Regiment
  • 38th Mobile Police Division
  • 41st Mobile Police Division
  • 308th Artillery Brigade (3000 troops)
Independent Battalions ??
  • Unit 77655, Gyantse County 1st (I) Infantry Battalion. Bhutan border. 700 troops.
  • Unit 77656, Gangba County 2nd (I) Infantry Battalion. 700 troops
  • Medog County 3rd (I) Infantry Battalion. 700 troops
  • Milin 4th (I) Infantry Battalion. 700 troops
  • Luoza County 5th (I) Infantry Battalion. Bhutan border. 700 troops
  • Unit 77629, 1st Border Defense Regiment. 2800 troops. Bhutan & India Border
  • Unit 77635, 2nd Border Defense Regiment. 2800 troops. Bhutan & India Border
  • Unit 77639, 3rd Border Defense Regiment. 2800 troops. Nepal & India Border.
  • Unit 77643, 4th Border Defense Regiment. 2800 troops. India Border.
  • Unit 77646, 5th Border Defense Regiment. 2800 troops. Nepal Border
  • Unit 77649, 6th Border Defense Regiment. India border, 2800 troops. Bhutan & India Border 
    • Nathu La Outpost, 6th Border Defense Regiment.
  • 9th Border Defense Regiment
  • SOUTHERN THEATER COMMAND. Guangzhou, Guangdong


LAND: Hunan, Guangxi,, Hainan, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau. Laos and Myanmar borders.

MARITIME: South China Sea


  1. Rocket Force’s 61 Base (Formerly 51 Base) is one of biggest bases for conventional missiles, most or all of which will be assigned to Eastern TC. But control of nuclear missiles will remain under direct control of CMC.
  2. It will support Eastern TC in Taiwan theater
  • 74th Group Army (Former 41st Group Army)
    • 1st Combined Arms Brigade 
    • 16th Combined Arms Brigade 
    • 125th Combined Arms Brigade
    • 132nd Combined Arms Brigade 
    • 154th Combined Arms Brigade
    • 163rd Combined Arms Brigade??
    • 74th Artillery Brigade 
    • 74th Air Defence Brigade
    • 74th Joint Logistics Support Brigade
    • 74th Engineering Brigade
    • 74th Special Operations Brigade
  • 75th Group Army (Former 42nd Group Army)
    • 18th Combined Arms Brigade (Formerly 18th Armoured Brigade of 14th GA)??
    • 31st Combined Arms Brigade 
    • 32nd Combined Arms Brigade 
    • 42nd Combined Arms Brigade89j-7d
    • 122nd Combined Arms Brigade 
    • 123rd Combined Arms Brigade
    • 121st Air Assault (para??)
    • 75th Artillery Brigade 
    • 75th Air Defence Brigade
    • 75th Joint Logistics Support Brigade
    • 75th Engineering Brigade
    • 75th Special Operations Brigade
  • Decommissioned: 14th Group Army
  • South Sea Fleet (Naval)
    • Aircraft Carrier: Shandong
    • Landing Ships
      • Type 072A. Yuting III class. 4800 t
        • 6 ships, Huading, Luoxiao, Daiyun, Wanyang, Laotie and Luhua 
      • Type 072III. Yuting II class. 4800 t
        • 1 ship. Emei
      • Type 072II Yuting Class. 4170t
        • 3 ships.Donting, Helan, Liupan
      • Type 071 Amphibious Transport Dock, Yuzhao Class. 25000t
        • 5 ships. Kunlun, Jinggang, Changbai, Wuzhi and Qilian
    • Destroyers
      • Type 052D, Luyang III Class, 7500 t
        • 3 ships. Kunming, Changsha, Hefei, Yinchuan
      • Type 052C, Luyang II Class, 6300 t
        • 2 ships. Lanzhou and Haikou
      • Type 052B, Luyang I Class, 5900 t
        • 2 Ships, Guangzhou and Wuhan
      • Type 051B, Luhai Class, 6100 t
        • 1 Ship, Shenzhen
    • Frigates
      • Type 054A, Jiangkai II Class. 4200 t
        • 10 ships. Huangshan, Hengyang, Yuncheng, Yulin, Hengshiu, Liuzhou, Yueyang, Sanya, Xuchang
      • Type 053H3 Jiangwei II Class. 2400 t
        • 2 Ships. Xianning and Luoyang.
      • Type 053H1 Jianghu Class. 2000 t
        • 3 Ships. Dandong, Shaoguan and Zhaotong
    • Corvettes
      • Type 056, Jiangdao Class. 1500 t
        • 3 ships. Baise, Luzhao, Qingyuan.
      • Type 056A, Jiangdao Class. 1500 t
        • 17 ships. Suqian, Jingmen, Qujing, Liupanshui, Hanzhong, Guangyuan, Sunung, Nanchong, Bazhong, Wuzhou, Wenshan, Panzhihua, Ganzhou, Enshi, Guangan, Yongzhou, Suizhou
    • Fleet Replenishment
      • Type 904B & A General Stores Issue Ship, Dayun Class. 15000 t
        • 4 Ships. Lugu, Jushan, Fuxian, Dongting
      • Type 903 & A replenishment ship, Fuchi I and II Class. 25000t
        • 3 Ships. Weishan, Hong, Luoma
      • Type 908 replenishment ship, Fusu Class. 37000 t
        • 1 Ship. Qinghai
  • Air Assets
    • 4th Fighter Brigade, Foshan, Guangdong. Nanning Base.
      • Su-27SK, J-11, Su-27UBK.
    • 5th Fighter Brigade, Guilin, Guanxi. Nanning Base.
      • J-10B, J-10C. J-10S, 
    • 6th Fighter Brigade, Suixi, Guangdong. Nanning Base.
      • Su-30MKK, Su-35S
    • 23rd Bomber Brigade. Leiyang, Hunan??
    • 25th Fighter Brigade, Shantou, Guangdong. Nanning Base.
      • J-7E
    • 26th Fighter Brigade, Huiyang, Guangdong. Nanning Base.
      • J-16. 
    • 27th Fighter Brigade, Pulandian?Shantou, Guangdong. Nanning Base.
      • J-7D, 
    • 52nd Fighter Brigade,  Wuhan, Hubei. Nanning Base.
      • J-7G, JJ-7A.
    • 54th Fighter Brigade, Changsha, Hunan. Nanning Base.
      • Su-30MKK,
    • 96th Fighter Brigade, Dazu, Chongqing. Nanning Base.
      • J-7E, JJ-7A
    • 98th Fighter Brigade, Chongqing. Nanning Base.
      • Su-27S, Su-27U 
    • 99th Fighter Brigade, Chongqing . Nanning Base.
      • J-7IIM? JJ-7A
    • 8th Bomber Division??
    • 130th Fighter Brigade, Mengzi, Yunnan. Nanning Base.
      • J-10A, J-10SY
    • 131st Fighter Brigade, Luliang, Shanxi. Nanning Base.
      • J-10B, J-10C J-10SY, JJ-7A
    • 13th Transport Division
    • 20th Special Missions Division
    • Unmanned Attack Brigade, Yangtang??
      • J-6 Drones. 2nd Dadui.
    • Transport & SAR Brigade. Guangzhou
      • Y-7, Z-8K, Z-9, Mi-17. 
    • Independent Helicopter Regiment.  Hong Kong
      • Z-8KH, Z-9WZ, Z-9ZH.
    • UAV Battalion
      • GJ-2 Wing Loong II. Mangshi.
  • Air Bases
    • Kunming
    • Nanning


LAND: Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi and Tianjin.

MARITIME: South China Sea


It has no naval fleet, but has a few naval training and aviation bases. Apparently it doesn’t not have any naval vessels but controls a few other service branches of navy. 

  • 81st Group Army (Former 65th Group Army)
    • 7th Heavy Combined Arms Brigade 
    • 70th Light Combined Arms Brigade Tangshan Prefecture, Hebei Province
    • 189th Medium Combined Arms Brigade
    • 194th Combined Arms Brigade
    • 195th Heavy Combined Army Brigade. Yutian County, Hebei Province
    • 162nd Motorised Infantry Division??
  • 82nd Group Army (Former 38th Group Army)
    • 6th Heavy Combined Arms Brigade, Nankou Town Area, Changping District 
    • 80th Medium Combined Arms Brigade
    • 151st Heavy Combined Arms Brigade
    • 188th Heavy Combined Army Brigade. 
    • 196th Light Combined Arms Brigade.
    • 127th Light Mechanised Infantry Division??
  • 83rd Group Army (Former 54th Group Army)
    • 11th Heavy Combined Arms Brigade
    • 58th Medium Combined Arms Brigade, Xuchang Prefecture, Henan Province
    • 60th Medium Combined Arms Brigade, Xinyang Prefecture, Henan Province
    • 113th Combined Army Brigade. Baoding Prefecture, Hebei Province
    • 131st Combined Arms Brigade.
    • 193rd Medium Combined Arms Brigade.
  • 3rd (I) Combined Arms Brigade (Former 3rd Motorised Infantry Brigade of 1st GA
  • 112nd (I) Mechanised Infantry Division (Formerly with 1st GA, operates Type-99A tanks)
  • Decommissioned: 20th and 27th Group Army
  • No naval fleet
  • Air Assets
    • 19th Fighter Brigade. Jining, Shandong. Datong base.
      • J-11B, J-11BS
    • 43rd Fighter Brigade. Datong, Shanzi. Datong base.
      • J-10A, J-10SY
    • 44th Fighter Brigade. Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. Datong base.
      • J-7G, JJ-7A 
    • 53rd Fighter Brigade. Hubei. Nanning base.
      • J-7IIM, JJ-7A
    • 55th Fighter Brigade. Jining, Shandong. Wuhan base.
      • J-11A, Su-27U
    • 56th Fighter Brigade. Zhengzhou, Henan. Wuhan base.
      • J-10B, J-10SY
    • 70th Fighter Brigade. Zunhua, Hebei. Wuhan base.
      • J-10A, J-10SY
    • 71st Fighter Brigade. Xishan, Beijing. Wuhan base.
      • J-7H, JJ-7A
    • 72nd Fighter Brigade. Tianjin. Wuhan base.
      • J-10C, J-10SY
    • 43rd Multirole Brigade
    • 44th Multirole Brigade
  • Air Bases
    • Datong
    • Wuhan
    • Shijiazhuang Flying Academy
  • NORTHERN THEATER COMMAND. Shenyang, Liaoning


LAND: Jilin, Heilongjiang and Shenyang and Inner Mongolia.

MARITIME: Bay of Korea

  • 78th Group Army (Former 16th Group Army)
    • 78th Special Combat Brigade (Formerly Special Operations Brigade of 16th GA)
    • ??
  • 79th Group Army (Former 39th Group Army)
    • ??
  • 80th Group Army (Former 26th Group Army)
    • 116th (I) Mechanised Infantry Division (Formerly with 39th GA)
    • ??
  • Decommissioned: 40th Group Army
  • North Sea Fleet
    • Aircraft Carrier: Liaoning 
    • Destroyers
      • Type 055, Renhai Class (cruiser?) 13000t
        • 1 Ship. Nanchang
      • Type 052D, Luyang III Class. 7500 t
        • 6 ships. Xining, Urumqi, Guiyang, Chengdu, Qiqhar and Tangshan
      • Type 051C Luzhou Class. 7100 t
        • 2 Ships. Shenyang amd Shijiazhuang
      • Type 052, Luhu Class. 4800 t
        • 2 Ships. Harbin and Qingdao
    • Frigates
      • Type 054A, Jiangkai II Class. 4200 t
        • 8 Ships. Yancheng, Linyi, Weifang, Daqing, Handan, Wuhu, Rizhao, Zaozhuang 
      • Type 053H3, Jiangwei II Class. 2400 t
        • 2 Ships. Yichang and Huludao.
    • Corvettes
      • Type 056 & A, Jiangdao Class. 1500 t
        • 14 ships. Datong, Yingkou, Weihai, Fishun, Zinyang, Huangshi, Qinhuangdaom Wuhai, Zhangye, Dingzhou, Zhangijakou, Mudanjiang, Songyuan, Pingdingshan
    • Landing Ships
      • Type 072A and 072III. Yuting III and II Class. 4800 t
        • 5 Ships. Tianzhu, Daqing, Yandang, Jiuhua and Huanggang.
    • Fleet Replenishment
      • Type 903A replenishment ship, Fuchi II Class. 25000 t
        • 3 Ships. Tai, Dongping, Kekezili
  • Air Bases
    • Dalian
    • Jinan
    • Harbin Flying Academy
  • Air Assets
    • 1st Attack Brigade. Anshan, Liaoning. Dalian Base.
      • J-11B, J-11BS
    • 2nd Attack Brigade. Chifeng, Inner Mongolia. Dalian Base.
      • J-10A, J-10SY
    • 3rd Attack Brigade. Anshan, Liaoning. Dalian Base.
      • J-8F, JJ-7A
    • 15th Attack Brigade. Weifang, Shandong. Jinan Base.
      • JH-7A
    • 31st Attack Brigade. Siping, Jilin. Dalian Base.
      • JH-7A
    • 32nd Attack Brigade. Dalian, Liaodong. Dalian Base.
      • Q-5N?, Q-5J
    • 34th Fighter Brigade. Gongzhuling, Jilin. Jinan Base.
      • J-10A, J-10SY
    • 35st Fighter Brigade. Qihe, Shandong. Jinan Base.
      • J-8B, JJ-7A
    • 36th Fighter Brigade. Gaomi, Shandong. Jinan Base.
      • J-10A, J-10SY
    • 57th Fighter Brigade. Shanqiu, Henan. Jinan Base.
      • J-11B, Su-27SK
    • 61st Fighter Brigade. Yanji, Jilin
      • J-10B, J-10SY
    • 63rd Fighter Brigade. Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang. Dalian Base.
      • J-7H?, JJ-7A
    • 16th Special Missions Division


LAND: Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian and Jianxi

MARITIME: East China Sea  and Taiwan.


  1. Rocket Force’s 61 Base (Formerly 51 Base) is one of biggest bases for conventional missiles, most or all of which will be assigned to Eastern TC. But control of nuclear missiles will remain under direct control of CMC.
  2. East Fleet Commander will serve as deputy theater commander and commander of all naval forces in Eastern TC.
  • 73rd Group Army (Former 31st Group Army)
    • 3rd Combined Arms Brigade (Formerly 3rd Motorised Infantry Brigade of 31st GA)
    • 14th Combined Arms Brigade (Formerly 14th Amphibious Armoured Brigade)
    • 86th  Combined Arms Brigade (Formerly 86th Motorised Division)
    • 91st  Combined Arms Brigade (91st Motorized Infantry Division of 31st GA)
    • 92nd  Combined Arms Brigade
    • 163rd Combined Arms Brigade
    • 73rd Artillery Brigade 
    • 73rd Air Defence Brigade
    • 73rd Special Operations Brigade
  • 71st Group Army (Former 12th Group Army)
    • 2nd Combined Arms Brigade
    • 35th Combined Arms Brigade
    • 160th Combined Arms Brigade
    • 178th Combined Arms Brigade
    • 179th Combined Arms Brigade
    • 235th  Combined Arms Brigade
    • 71st Artillery Brigade
    • 71st Air Defence Brigade
  • 72nd Group Army (Former 1st Group Army)
    • 5th Combined Arms Brigade
    • 10th Combined Arms Brigade
    • 34th Combined Arms Brigade ((Formerly 86th Mechanised Infantry Brigade of 12th GA)
    • 85th Combined Arms Brigade
    • 90th Combined Arms Brigade
    • 124th  Combined Arms Brigade
    • 72nd Artillery Brigade
    • 72nd Air Defence Brigade
  • East Sea Fleet (Naval)
    • Destroyers
      • Type 052D, Luyang III Class. 7500 t
        • 4 ships.Xiamen, Nanjing, Taiyun and  Zibo
      • Type 052C, Luyang II Class. 6500 t
        • 4 ships.Changchun, ZHengzhou, Jinan and Xi’an.
      • Type 051C Luzhou Class. 7100 t
        • 2 Ships. Shenyang amd Shijiazhuang
      • Sovremenny,  Sovremenny Class. 7900 t
        • 4 Ships. Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Taizhou and Ningbo
    • Frigates
      • Type 054A, Jiangkai II Class. 4200 t
        • 13 Ships. Zuzhou, Zhoushan, Yiyang, Changzhou, Huanggang, Yangzhou, Jingzhou, BinzhouAnyang, Nantong, Ma’anshan and Wenzhou
      • Type 053H3, Jiangwei II Class. 2400 t
        • 3 Ships. Sanming, ZIangyang, Huaihua
      • Type 053H1G Jiangwei II Class. 2000 t
        • 4 ships.Beihai, Dongguan, SHantou and Foshan.
    • Corvettes
      • Type 056 & A, Jiangdao Class. 1500 t
        • 25 ships.  Bengbu, Shangrao, Ji’an, Jieyang, Quanzhou, CHaozhou, Suzhou, Huaian, Heze, Baoding, Ningde, Sanmenxia, Zhuzou, Tongren, Ezhou, Yiwu, Xuancheng, Yichun, Deyang, SHuozhou, Luan, Liaocheng, Luan, Liaocheng, Taian, Jingdezhen and Xiaogan
    • Fleet Replenishment
      • Type 903 & A replenishment ship, Fuchi II Class. 25000 t
        • 3 Ships. Qiandao, Chao and Gaoyo.
  • Air Assets
    • 10th Bomber Division. 
    • 7th  Fighter Brigade. Wuhu, Anhui. Shanghai base.
      • J-16
    • 8th Fighter Brigade. Changxing, Chejiang. Shanghai base.
      • J-10A, J-10SY
    • 9th Fighter Brigade. Wuhu, Anhui. Shanghai base.
      • J-20, SU-30MKK
    • 40th Fighter Brigade. Nanchang, Jiangxi. Fuzhou base.
      • J-16
    • 41st Fighter Brigade. Wuyishan, Fujian. Fuzhou base.
      • J-11A/B, SU-27U
    • 42nd Fighter Brigade. Zhangshu, Jiangxi. Fuzhou base.
      • J-7EG, JJ-7A
    • 26th Special Mission Division
    • 83rd Attack Brigade. Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Shanghai base.
      • JH-7A, Q-5J
    • 180th UAV?. Liangcheng, Fujiang. Fuzhou base.
      • J-6W Drones.
  • Air Bases
    • Fuzhou
    • Shanghai


Formerly 2nd Artillery Corps, PLA Rocket Force is now considered a separate service branch in itself with 90,000 to 1,20,000 personnel. It seems like the TC in their respective areas may command some of the resources of certain units belonging to PLARF. Its HQ is located at the Qinghe Compound in Beijing

This command is led by a full general and theater leader grade officer is assigned as Political Commissar. 6 Army Leader grade officers command 6 bases (or armies) numbered 61-66 with subordinate launch brigades and regiments. There is a Base 67 (formerly Force 22) which stockpiles nuclear weapons. Base 61 operates only conventional missiles. There are between 90000 to 1,20,000 personnel.

There are  3 training bases and 1 engineering base. 

  • Missile Base Structure: Each such base has a local HQ with multiple launch units.
    • 3-5 Missile Brigades
      • Launch Battalions and/or Launch Companies. They can operate mobile or silo based missiles. Some have cave storage to launch site system .

Each brigade may have hundreds or just a handful of missiles depending upon its role. Conventional missile brigades usually have a larger number of missiles with up to 30-36 launchers with 2-6 missiles on each. Nuclear missile brigades usually have 6-8 missile launchers or silos or cave sites.

NOTE: It’s not clear whether anti-satellite and BMD assets are with PLARF or SSF.


  • Base 61. HQ at  Huangshan, Anhui
    • 611 Brigade, Chizhou.  DF-21
    • 612 Brigade, Jingdezhen. DF-21A
    • 613 Brigade, Shangaro, DF-15B
    • 614 Brigade, Yon’gan.  DF-11A
    • 615 Brigade, Meizhou, DF-11A
    • 616 Brigade, Ganzhou. DF-15
    • 617 Brigade, Jinhua. DF-15
  • Base 62. HQ at Kumming, Yunnan.
    • 621 Brigade, Yibin. DF-21A
    • 622 Brigade, Yuxi. DF-31A
    • 623 Brigade,  Liuzhou. DH-10A
    • 624 Brigade, Qingyuan DF-21D
    • 625 Brigade, Jianshui. DF-21??
    • 626 Brigade, Qingyuan, DF-21C/D, DF-26 ??
    • 627 Brigade??, Puning?? ???
  • Base 63, HQ at Huaihua, Hunan.
    • 631 Brigade, Jingzhou. DF-5B
    • 632 Brigade, Shaoyang. DF-31
    • 633 Brigade, Huitong. DF-5A.
    • 634 Brigade, ?? ???
    • 635 Brigade, Yichun. DH-10
    • 636 Brigade. Shaoguan. DF-16
    • 637 Brigade ?? ???
  • Base 64, Lanzhou.
    • 641 Brigade, Hancheng. DF-31
    • 642 Brigade, Datong. DF-31A
    • 643 Brigade, Tianshui, DF-31A
    • 644 Brigade, Hanzhong. ??
    • 645 Brigade, ??? ??
    • 646 Brigade, Korle. DF-21B/C??
  • Base 65, Shenyang
    • 651 Brigade, Dalian. DF-21
    • 652 Brigade, Tonghua. DF-21C/D??
    • 653 Brigade. Laiwu. DF-21C
    • 654 Brigade. Dalian.??
  • Base 66, Luoyang
    • 661 Brigade, Lingbao. DF-5B
    • 662 Brigade, Luanchuan. DF-4 or DF-5A
    • 663 Brigade, Nanyang. DF-31A
    • 664 Brigade Luoyang. ??
    • 665 Brigade ?? ??
    • 666 Brigade, Xinyang. DF-26
  • Base 67, Baoji

Nuclear tipped missiles


DF-2140-501700Road mobileSolid
DF-21A40-501700Road mobileSolid
DF-21C25-301700Road mobileSolid
DF-21D1500Road MobileSolidAnti ship
DF-2616-204-5000Road mobileSolid
DF-316-107000+Road mobileSolid
DF-31A15-2011000+Road MobileSolid
DF-41??15000Road mobileSolidUnder development
DF-3A10-15??3000Road mobileLiquidOld
DF-15/M-990-100600Road mobileSolid
DF-15A850Road MobileSolid
DF-15B750Road MobileSolid
DF-16800Road MobileSolid
DF-11/M-11100-140300Road MobileSolid
DF-11A600Road mobileSolid
JL-2487000SLBMSolidType 094 submarines
CJ-10/DH-1040-90 launchers. Upto 550 missiles1500MultipleSubsonicLACM
YJ-63/KD-63200Air, H6 bomberSubsonicLACM
YJ-18220-240MultipleSupersonic in TerminalAShM, LACM
YJ-91/KH-31P110MultipleSupersonic AShM, LACM Anti-radiation 
AS-13/KH-59MK115Su-30MKKSubsonicAShM, LACM
SS-N-22 Moskit240Sovremenny shipsSupersonic AShM, LACM
SS-N-27B Kalibr200Kilo SubmarineSupersonicAShM, LACM


PLAAF started creation of Air Brigade structure by upgrading 14 existing Air Regiment (AR) HQs and abolished 4 existing Air Division HQs. 

New Command Structure for fighter and bomber planes is as following:




Air Brigade

Flight Group

Flight Squadron

Under this system, heavy bombers, transport and most of special mission aircraft (like refuellers?) air divisions are attached to PLAAF HQ, but tactical control most likely lies with the theater commander (??). For fighters and ground attack jets. The new system puts them in independent brigade unit structure with no divisional HQ control. 


  • 24 Aircraft + Trainers + 6 spares divided in 3-5 battalion grade flight groups (FG). Most brigades have 3 rather than 5 FGs.
  • Some air brigades with foreign aircraft like Su-27 don’t have any spares.
  • Training and some specialised brigades may have different structures.
  • Table below shows structure of PLAAF in 2011 before it’s reorganisation in 2016-2017
Western109th, 110th and 11stUrumqiChangi, Xinjiang.Urumqi, Xinjiang.Korla, Xinjiang.J-8H, JJ-7AJ-7, JJ-7, JH-7AJ-11B
Eastern78th, 85th, 86th & 93rdShanghaiShanghai, Guangxi.Quzhou, Zhejiang.Rugao, Jiangsu,Suzhou, JiangsuJ-8, JJ-7.SU-30J-7, JJ-7J-8, JJ-7
Southern124th, 125th & 126thNanningBaise, Tianyang.Nanning,  GuangxiLiuzhou, Guangxi.J-7, J-10.J-7, J-8H.J7,JH7A.
Northern88th, 89th, 90th & 91stDalianDandong, Liaoning.Pulandian, Liaoning.Wafangdian, Liaoning.Liuhe, Jilin.J-7E, JJ-7A.J-11B, SU-27U.Q-5D & Q-5J.J7, J-11B, SU-27U


  • Majority of J-7 were being phased out.

Changes in 2017 and Later

  • In 2018, 80 more air brigades were created bringing the total to 94. 
  • 59?? of these are fighter and ground attack jets. Rest 35? are transport, bombers, refuellers, AWACS(?) which are attached to TCs, PLAAF HQ and training establishments. 
Yinchuan, Ningxia.
Malan, Xinjiang,
Malan, Xinjiang.
SU-35S, J-11, U-27SK/UBK.
J-7II, JJ-7A.
J-7II, JJ-7A, UAVs
Wuhu, Anhui.
Changxing, Chejiang,Wuhu, Anhui.
Nanchang, Jiangxi.
Wuyishan, Fujian.
Zhangshu, Jiangxi.
Hangzhou, Zhejiang,
Liangcheng, Fujiang.
J-10A, J-10SY.
J-20, SU-30MKK.
J-11A/B, SU-27U
J-7EG, JJ-7A.
JH-7A, Q-5J.
J-6W (Attack drones)??
Jining, Shandong. Datong, Shanzi. 
Hohhot, Inner Mong.  Hubei .
Jining, Shandong. 
Zhengzhou, Henan. 
Zunhua, Hebei.
Xishan, Beijing.
J-11B, J-11BS.
J-10A, J-10SY.
J-7G, JJ-7A.
J-7IIM, JJ-7A,
J-11A, SU-7U.
J-10B, J-10SY.
J-10A, J-10SY
J-7H, JJ-7A.
J-10C, J-10SY.
Anshan, Liaoning 
Chifeng, Inner Mon. Anshan, Liaoning 
Weifang, Shandong
 Siping, Jilin Dalian
Gongzhuling, Jilin 
Qihe, Shandong 
Gaomi, Shandong 
Shanqiu, Henan Yanji
 Jilin Mudanjiang, 
J-11B, J-11BS. 
J-10A, J-10SY.
J-8F, JJ-7A.
Q-5N, Q-5J 
J-10A, J-10SY 
J-8B, JJ-7A 
J-10A, J-10SY 
J-11B, Su-27SK 
J-10B, J-10SY
J-7H, J-10SY
23rd 25th 
Foshan, Guangdong.Guilin, Guanxi.
Suixi, Guangdong.
 Leiyang, Hunan. Shantou, Guangdong. Huiyang, Guangdong.
 Shantou, Guangdong
 Wuhan, Hubei. 
Changsha, Hunan. Dazu, Chongqing.
Mengzi, Yunnan.
 Luliang, Shanxi.
J-8DF, JJ-7A
J-10B/C, J-10SY
Su-27, Su-35
J-7E, JJ-7A 
J-10A, J-10S 
J-7D, JJ-7A 
J-7H, JJ-7A 
J-7E, JJ-7A 
Su-27S, Su-27U 
J-7IIM?, JJ-7A
J-10A, J-10SY 
J-10B, J-10C J-10SY, JJ-7A

TABLE: Current structure of PLAAF under new Theater Command structure.

Xingtai, Hebei 
Dingxin, Gansu 
Dingxin, Gansu 
Dingxin, Gansu 
Cangzhou, Hebei
Cangzhou, Hebei 
Jiugucheng, Jinan 
Cangzhou, Hebei 
Z-8K, Mi-171, Y-5C, Y-.7
BZK-007, EA-01, GJ-1.WD-1, WJ-1.
 J-11B, JL-9.
 J-10B, J-10S.
 J-11BS, J-7E, JL-9, 
 J-16, Su-30, JL-10
Airborne CorpsAviation.
Helicopter SOF.
Yingshan, Hubei 
Yingshan, Hubei
Y-5, Y-7, Y-8, Y-12
 Z-8KA, Z-9WA, Z-10K
Western TCAFTpt & SARLanzhou, GansuZ-8K, Mi-171, Y-5C, Y-7H 
Eastern TCAF95th Tpt.
?? Training
?? Tpt & SAR,
Luanyungang, Jsu
Xushou, Jiangsu
 Nanjing, Jiangsu
J-11B, J-11BS.
JJ-7, JJ-7A.
 Z-8K, Mi-171, Y-5A/C, Y-7
Southern TCAF132nd Tpt& Training.
?? Tpt & SAR.
Gongzhuling, Jilin.

JJ-7, J-7II.

 Z-8K, Mi-171, Y-5C, Y-7
Central TCAF?? Tpt & SAR??Z-8K, Mi-171, Y-5C, Y-7
Northern TCAF33rd Tpt & Trng.
151st UAV.
Tpt & SAR.
Dali, Yunnan. 

Cangzhou, Hebei. 
Xintai, Hebei.
JJ-7, J-7I.

BZK-007, EA-03.
 Z-8K, Mi-171, Y-5, Y-7, Z-9

Tpt:- Transport

Trng:- Training


These numbers are from 2018-2019 and may have changed by the time of writing this article in Dec 2020.

J-10B, J-10CMultirole128+83
J-11, J-11A, J-11B, J-11BSMultirole50+86+134+159
J-20Stealth 33
Q-5L & Q-5NStrike42+42
J-8D, J-8F, J-8HInterceptor14+128+80
J-7IIM, J-7D, J-7E, J-7EH, J-7G, J-7HFighter58+52+174+10+82+184
J-10, J-10AFighter31+254
H-6H, H-6K, H-6MBomber62+92+35
KJ-200, KKJ-500, KJ-2000AWACS4+3+4
Tu-154MD, Y-8CA, Y-8GX4ELINT10+1+8
Y-8CB, Y-8GEW4+7
JZ-8, JZ-8FPhoto recon + Armed Recon8+72
H-6U, HY-6Tanker12+12
Z-9CAttack helicopter48
Z-10KAttack Helicopter7
Y-8, Y-8CTransport71+23
Y-5, Y-5A, Y-5B, Y-5CTransport8+74+116+6
Y-7-100, Y-7-200, Y-7G, Transport8+62+78
Z-8SAR, Transport65
Mi-17Transport Helicopter70


This organisation seems to be heavily influenced by US Cyber Command and US Strategic Command. SSF was formed using Space, Cyber and Electronic Warfare units from CMC’s General Political Department GPD (formerly General Staff Department GSD), Political Work Department PWD (formerly General Political Department GPD), Equipment Development Department EDD (formerly General Armament Department GAD) and Logistics Support Department LSD (formerly General Logistics Department GLD).  It’s also believed that some of the functions of these departments have been transferred to some PLA units too.

Chinese doctrine places emphasis on what they claim to be multi-dimensional war fighting capabilities which include new ways of non-kinetic warfare which include hacking of computer networks, space warfare, psychological warfare, political warfare, propaganda, data theft and espionage. In this regard, it’s more than just likely that CMC is actively indulging in corporate data theft as a way of warfare through Chinese companies and overseas citizens. 

In peacetime, SSF is commanded by CMC’s Joint Staff Department Operations Bureau or it’s Joint Operations Command Center.


  • Strategic Support Force
    • Staff Department
    • Logistics Department
    • Equipment Department
    • Space Systems Department
    • Network Systems Department
    • Political Work Department.

SSF Space Systems Department Units

Space Launch & Support

  • Jiuquan Satellite Launch  Center 

20th Testing and  Training Base  

Oldest and largest launch site, sole  base for human spaceflight launches.  

  • Taiyuan Satellite  Launch Center 

25th Testing and Training  Base   

Satellites for  sun-synchronous and low-earth orbits.  

  • Xichang Satellite  Launch Center   

27th Testing and  Training Base  

Geosynchronous satellites. Maintains mobile  tracking stations.

  • Wenchang Aerospace  Launch Site  

Long  March 5 heavy rockets and  National Defense University. 

Space Base C4ISR

  • Aerospace Reconnaissance Bureau : Space based surveillance, reconnaissance and intelligence gathering.
  • Satellite Communications Main Station: Space based communications.
  • Satellite Positioning Main Station: Military use of Beidou navigation System

Telemetry Tracking and Control (TT&C)

  • 23rd Test & Training Base.
  • 26th Testing and Training Base.
  • Xi’an Satellite Control Center: Telemetry, tracking and control network
  • Beijing Aerospace Flight Control Center : Manned spaceflight program
  • China Satellite Maritime Tracking & Control Department: Maritime TT&C for space launches & ICBM tests. Has Yuanwang tracking ship.

SSF Network Systems Departments Units

  • Operations & Administration
    • Regional Satellite Station, Hainan (Could be in SSD)
    • Satellite Main Station, Beijing (Could be in SSD)
    • Electronic Countermeasure Center
    • Beidaihe ECM Brigade Detachment
    • Langfang ECM Brigade Detachment, Yingtan
    • Electronic Countermeasure Brigade, Langfang
    • Electronic Countermeasure Brigade, Beidaihe
    • 4th PLA HQ. (Transferred to JSD as Network Electronic Bureau)
  • 54th Research Institute
  • Electrical Engineering Institute. (Renamed National University of Defense Technology Electronic Countermeasures Institute)


In March 2016, PLA renamed General Logistics Department (GLD) as CMC’s Logistics Support Department (LSD) and created Joint Logistics Support Force (JLSF). Logistics management which includes training infrastructure and resource management  is now done by LSD. JLSF plans and executes integrated joint logistics support for combat.

  • Central Military Commission (CMC)
    • Wuhan Joint Logistics Support Base
      • Wuxi Joint Logistics Support Centre (Eastern TC)
      • Guilin Joint Logistics Support Centre (Southern TC)
      • Xining Joint Logistics Support Centre (Western TC)
      • Shenyang Joint Logistics Support Centre (Northern TC)
      • Zhengzhou Joint Logistics Support Centre (Central TC)


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  22. Icons from

RELATED: Pakistan Armed Forces ORBAT

Table of Contents

    • ARTILLERY: 1960-2000
    • Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS)
    • TANKS:2400-2800
    • Armour
    • Air Defence Formations
    • Pakistan Army Aviation Corps
  • Pakistan Army Corps & Divisions
    • I Corps, Mangla.
    • II Corps, Multan. 
    • IV Corps, Lahore
    • X Corps, Rawalpindi.
    • XI Corps, Peshawar.
    • XII Corps, Quetta. 
    • XXX Corps, Gujranwala, 
    • XXXI Corps, Bahawalpur.
    • Air Defence Command, Rawalpindi
    • Strategic Forces Command, Rawalpindi
    • 5 COMMANDS
    • AWACS
    • Pakistan Air Force Bases & Squadrons


  • 19 Infantry Divisions ?
  • 2 Mechanised Divisions
  • 2 Armoured Divisions
  • 2 Artillery Divisions
  • 51 Armoured Regiments


  • ARTILLERY: 1960-2000
    • Self Propelled Artillery: 420-450
      • 155 mm M109A2, A5 and L: 380-390
      • 203 mm M110: 40-60
    • Towed Artillery: 1539. 105 mm: 413. 122mm: 579. 155 mm:521. 203 mm 26
      • 105 mm M101: 300
      • 105 mm Mod56: 113
      • 122 mm Type 86: 179
      • 122mm Type 54-1: 400
      • 155 mm Panter: 72
      • 155 mm M198: 389
      • 155 mm. M114: 60
      • 203 mm. M115: 26
  • Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS)
    • A-100 : 50-65
  • TANKS:2400-2800
    • VT-4 (Upgraded Al-Khalid/MBT-2000)3rd Gen: 2-4 delivered 176-240 planned/ordered(?)
    • Al-Zarrar/Type-59, based on T-54A. 2nd Gen.:710/1100
    • T-54/55. 2nd Gen: 50
    • Type-69 2nd Gen:. 2nd Gen: 400
    • Type-85 IIAP .2nd Gen: 270
    • Al-Khalid. Based on MBT-2000/Type-90-IIM. 3rd Gen: 350
    • Al-Khalid-I. 3rd Gen: 20
    • T-80UD. 3rd Gen: 320


  • 1 Armoured Division = 246/176 tanks
    • 2 Armoured Brigades = Total of 246/176 Tanks.
      • Each armoured brigade has 3/2 Tank regiments 
        • Each regiment = 41-44 tanks in 3/2 Squadrons. 1 tank used by CO and 2nd IC each. 
        • Each squadron = 13 tanks in 3 Troops
        • Each Troop = 3 Tanks
    • 1 Artillery Brigade = Total of 54-72 guns
      • Each artillery brigade has 2-3 Artillery Regiments
        • Each Regiment has 18-24 guns in 3 artillery batteries 
        • Each battery has 6-8 guns
    • 1 Infantry Brigade = Approx 2700-3000 soldiers on average.
      • 1 Mechanised Infantry Brigade = 3 battalions
        • Each battalion = 700-900 men in 3-5 Companies.
        • Each company=80-120 men in 3-4 platoons 
        • 10-15 sections with 10-20 men in each section.
    • Air Defence Brigade
      • Talha APC(M-113 copy) with RBS-70 SAM and Giraffe Radar in 2-3 Regiments
    • Engineers

Air Defence Formations

  • Air Defence Regiments: These are usually of three type, SAM, mixed (Anti-Air Artillery AAA guns and SAM) and Surveillance.

Each regiment has usually 3 batteries with 4-8 SAM launchers or AAA guns. Number of troops is usually 300-400. Battery commander is Captain or Major.

  • Air Defence Brigades: Attached to Armoured divisions.
  • Air Defence Divisions: Attached to Corps.
HQ-16AE/LY-8040,0.015-189 x 4LahoreIBIS-150 L-Band PESA 150km
HQ-7B/FM-90 SP0.7 -15,0.015-6x3S-Band AESA.25 km
SPADA-20002510x 2 sections (6 missiles/ launcher). 750 missilesRAC-3D. 60km
FIM-92 Stinger8,3.5350 missilesIR
FN-6 MANPAD5.5,3.8295 missilesIR
RBS-70 MANPAD. SP5,3140Laser

SP: Self Propelled

MANPAD: Man-portable air-defense systems 

Pakistan Army Aviation Corps

Pakistan Army operates a large variety of aircraft and helicopters, but the number of units is quite small. Most potent machine they have is Mi-35M3, they have only 5 of those. They have American AH-1F Cobras in good numbers, but most of them are old and need replacement. Their plans to buy 18 AH-1Z from USA and 30 T-129 from Turkey were junked due to American sanctions. They then tried to buy Chinese Z-10 and even tested it, but no progress has been made.

Table below lists only some of the more numerous aircraft operational as of now.

AH-1F Cobra48?31st, 33rd & 35th AAv Combat. 499 EME. MultanOld, from 1985 onwards
Mi-35M35. More planned4th Squadron of 202nd AAv Group, Quetta
Bell 412EP 2644th & 25th AAv Squadrons, Quetta. & moreDoor mounted machine gun
Mi-17H48Multiple AAv groups + ISIUnarmed
AH-1Z Cobra??Sanctioned?
SA-330L Puma45Unarmed
SA-315 and 316B18+132nd, 8th, & 9th Composite. 1st, 7th AAv, LahoreScouts+SAR
SA-33045Multiple unitsSAR, Transport
AW-13976th AAvSAR, Transport
Alouette-3, Lama25th8thSiachen supplies

AAv: Army aviation

Pakistan Army Aviation Squadrons

1st ‘The Pioneers’20/6/1956
2nd ‘ Above The Best’20/6/1956
VVIP Flight23/08/1963Merged with 13th Squad in Aug 2006
3rd ‘Daring Three’1/1/1964
4th ‘Gallants’26/06/1969
5th ‘FearlessFive’31/1/1971MI-17
6th Emergency Relief Cell‘Anytime, anywhere’29/6/1971AW-139, UH-1H
7th ‘Scorpions’1/6/1981Mi-17
8th ‘Chumik Saviours’14/5/1981L-19, MFI-17 Planes. Alouette-III
9th MFI-17,  Alouette-III
10th “Balochis’4/5/1981MFI-17
12th ‘Desert Reckoner’10/9/1988
13th ‘Mujahid’10/9/1988Y-12
21st Quick Reaction  ‘Jabir’14/8/1981Mi-17, Puma?Q
24th ‘Desert Hawks’24/8/1981Puma
25th ‘Azam-O-Laggan’16/8/1981Puma, Bell 412EP
27th ‘Al-Najam-Us-Saqib’14/8/1981Mi-8, MI-17
31st Combat “Panzer’12/3/1985AH-1F Cobra 
33rd Combat ‘Air Wolves’12/3/1985AH-1F Cobra 
35th Combat 14/8/2005AH-1F Cobra 
50th Border Security FOrce2002
199 EME Battalion ‘Pioneers’11/19594 companies for Flight line Ops, Technician training, Field Repair & Base Repair.
299 EME Battalion28/08/1969Mi-8, Alouette-III
399 EME  Battalion 1/8/1991
499 EME Battalion1/8/1991
599 EME Battalion ‘Optimists’5/3/1991
Central Aviation Spares Depot, Dhamial5/12/1963Formerly Central Ordnance Aviation Depot.
Ordnance Aviation Depot, Multan7/12/1982
1st Forward Area Arming Refuelling Company12/3/1985
2nd Forward Area Arming Refuelling Company20/4/1985
3rd Forward Area Arming Refuelling Company13/3/1985
301st,302nd & 303rd Fuel Storage Platoon1985
351st, 353nd, 353rd Field Supply Platoons3/1985
Pakistan Rangers3/7/1977
Frontier Corps NWFP Aviation Flight17/11/1981
Pakistan Rangers, Sindh20/8/1994
Accident Investigation Board17/7/1993
Army Aviation Cell Artillery Centre1/8/1994
1 Light Company Defence Service Guards3/2002
AAv Engineering School20/4/1969
Qasim AAv Base15/10/1962
AAv  School, Chakla1/1/1959
Combat Group15/2/1985
503rd Workshop EME29/7/1969
HQ AAv Command13/11/1988
Aviation Directorate3/7/1976

AAv: Army Aviation

Pakistan Army Corps & Divisions

  • I Corps, Mangla. Punjab Strike Corps Command 

AREAS: Chicken Neck in Jammu and border areas around it.

  • 6th Armoured Division (Gujranwala)

Uses Al-Zarrar (upgraded T-59) MBT

  • 7th Armoured Brigade, Gujranwala
  • 9th  Armoured Brigade, Kharian
  • 106th Air Defence Brigade
  • 314th Assault Engineers
  • 6th Armoured Artillery Brigade.
  • 6th Armoured Division Air Aviation Brigade(wartime)
  • 17th Infantry Division (Kharian)

Half mechanised?

  • 37th Mechanised Infantry Division (Kharian)
  • 11th Armoured Brigade (Either Independent or part of 6th Arm Div.
  • Artillery division or (I) Artillery Brigade ?
  • 8th (I) Armoured Brigade (allocated to 6th Div in war)
  • ?? (I) Infantry Brigade  (Partially mechanised??)
  • ?? (I) Air Defence Brigade
  • II Corps, Multan. Punjab Strike Corps Command
  • 1st Armoured Division (Multan)
    • T-80UD tanks
  • 14th Infantry Division (Okara)
  • 40th Infantry Division (Okara)

Half mechanised?

  •  13th (I) Armoured Brigade
  • 44th (I) Mech Brigade
  • ?? (I) Artillery Brigade
  • ?? (I) Infantry Brigade (Partially mechanised??)
  • ?? (I) Air Defence Brigade
  • Combat Aviation Group, Multan?? 4 squadrons with 25 AH-!F Cobra helicopter.
  • IV Corps, Lahore. Punjab Holding Corps Command
  • 2nd Artillery Division (Gujranwala)??
  • 10th Infantry Division (Lahore)
  • 11th Infantry Division (Lahore)
    • ?? Artillery Brigade
    • 21st Infantry Brigade
    • 52nd Infantry Brigade
    • 106th Infantry Brigade
  • 212nd (I) Infantry Brigade, Lahore. (Perhaps half mechanised)
  • 3rd (I) Armour Brigade
  • ?? (I) Artillery Brigade
  • V Corps, Karachi Sindh Command. (Eastern and Southern)
  • 16th Infantry Division (Pano Aqil)
  • 18th Infantry Division (Hyderabad)
  • 25th Mechanized Division (Malir)?? Corps reserve
  • 105th (I) Infantry Brigade
  • 31st  (I) Mechanised Brigade, Malir
  • 2nd (I) Armoured Brigade, Hyderabad + 1 more ??
  • ?? (I) Artillery Brigade
  • X Corps, Rawalpindi. Kashmir Command.(Attack role in north and POK)
  • Force Command Northern Areas (Gilgit)
    • 80th Infantry Brigade
    • 150th Infantry Brigade
    • 323rd Infantry Brigade
    • 62nd Infantry Brigade??
    • 61st Infantry Brigade
  • 12th Infantry Division (Murree)
    • 6 infantry brigades LoC
  • 19th Infantry/Mountain Division (Mangla)
    • 3 infantry brigades between Jhelum and Kel. Corps reserve
  • 23rd Infantry Division (Jhelum)
    • 4 infantry brigades between Kotli-Bhimber
  • Special Security Division /34th Infantry(?) (Chilas)
    • 9 Infantry battalions & 6 paramilitary wings =15000 troops. CPEC security
  • 111th (I) Infantry Brigade, Rawalpindi for VIP security & coups. Corps Reserve
    • 3 infantry battalions(6th Punjab, 11th Baloch, Scinde Rifles, 1st Battalion Azad Kashmir and 2nd Battalion Northern Light Infantry)
    • 2 light artillery regiments, 1 Air Defense Battery, SSG battalion and 1 armoured regiment. 
  • 8th (I) Armoured Brigade, Kharian
  • ?? (I) Artillery Brigade
  • XI Corps, Peshawar. Western Command. (NWFP, Balochistan.


Afghan border and reserve(?) for eastern oriented formations)

  • 7th Infantry Division (Peshawar)
  • 9th Infantry Division (Kohat)
  • ?? (I) Armoured Brigade (Theater reserve for X, I or XXX corps)
  • 1 special operations task force on rotation.
  • XII Corps, Quetta. Western Command.(West Sindh, Afghan Border and reserve(?) for eastern oriented formations)
  • 33rd Infantry Division (Quetta)
  • 41st Infantry Division (Quetta)
  • ?? (I) Infantry Brigade
  • ?? (I) Armoured Brigade
  • XXX Corps, Gujranwala, Punjab Holding Corps Command 

Area: Between Jhelum and Narowal,South of IV Corps boundary, Shakargarh bulge

  • 8th Infantry Division (Sialkot)
    • 3-4 Brigades
  • 15th Infantry Division (Sialkot)
    • 4 Brigades
  • 2nd (I) Armoured Brigade
  • ?? (I) Anti-Tank Brigade
  • 22nd (I) Artillery Brigade, Bhaipheru/Okara??
  • 54th (I) Brigade Armoured/Infantry??
  • XXXI Corps, Bahawalpur. Punjab Holding Corps Command
  • 26th/34th Mechanized Division (Bahawalpur). Corps reserve
  • 35th Infantry Division (Bahawalpur)
  • 101st (I) Infantry Brigade
  • 10th or 13th (I) Armoured Brigade
  • Air Defence Command, Rawalpindi
    • 3rd Air Defence Division (Sargodha)
    • 4th Air Defence Division (Malir)
    • 105th (I) Air Defence Brigade
  • Strategic Forces Command, Rawalpindi

12000-15000 personnel, controls around 200 surface to surface missiles.

Army. Air Force and Navy have their own Strategic force command and have administrative control but operational control is with National Command Authority.  Army controls most?? Nuclear missiles while the Air Force controls aircraft and air dropped bombs. It’s also responsible for air defence of nuclear storage sites. 

  • 21st Artillery Division (Pano Aqil)
  • 22nd Artillery Division (Sargodha)
  • 2nd Missile Group (Sargodha)
  • ?? Missile Group, Hyderabad?
  • Special Services Group (SSG) Brigades
  • 1st SSG (12 companies in 3 Battalions)
    • 1st Commando Battalion
      • Ayub Company
      • Liaqat Company
      • Kamal Company
      • Mitha Company
    • 2nd Commando Battalion
      • Ghazi Company
      • Tipu Company
      • Quaid Company
      • Bilal Company
    • 4th Commando Battalion
      • Shaheen Company
      • Jungju Company
      • Yaqub Company
      • Yusuf Company
  • 2nd SSG (4 Companies in 1 battalion)
    • 3rd Commando Battalion
      • Hamza Company
      • Ibrahim Company
      • Zakria Company
      • Easa Company


National Command Authority (NCA) was established in 2002 for policy formulation and to manage nuclear deployment. It’s composition is:

  • Prime Minister as Chairman. (Musharraf as ‘President’ was 1st Chairman).
  • Foreign Minister
  • Defence Minister
  • Interior Minister
  • Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee
  • Chief of Army Staff
  • Chief of Naval Staff
  • Chief of Air Staff.

Strategic Plans Division (SPD) is headed by a Director General from army and has officers from all three services. It’s responsibilities include:

  • Operation security of nuclear arsenal. Each nuclear site has a SPD security force in inner perimeter.
  • Vetting employees under Personnel Reliability Program and Human Reliability Program with assistance of ISI.
  • Development and management of nuclear capability and regular administrative control. 


Pakistan has a first use policy and has threatened the use of nuclear weapons even on its own territory to break advance of Indian ground forces. Some nuclear assets in use with Pakistani armed forces are of low-yield tactical use variety which align with this doctrine.


Hatf 170-100 5006, 0.56 m1500 kgSolid fuel. Derived from French  Dauphin or Eridan. Poor CEP
Hatf 2 Abdali180-200 250-4506.5, 0.56 m1750 kgCEP 150 m
Hatf 3 Ghaznavi290 7008.5, 0.8 m4650 kgSolid propellant. Chinese M-11 Copy.250 m CEP
Hatf 4 Shaheen 1 & 1A750 & 900 700 & 100012, 1 m9500 kg200 m CEP.
Hatf 5 Ghauri1250-150070015.9, 1.35 m15850 kg250 m CEP. Liquid fuel.Copy of N Korean No Dong 1
Hatf 6 Shaheen 21500-200070017.2. 1.4 m23600 kgCopy of Chinese M-18. 2 stages, solid fuel.
Hatf 7 Babur250-7005006.2, 0.52 m1500 kgTurbojet cruise missile.Reverse engineered Tomahawk,
Hatf 8 Ra’ad350-500?4.85, 0.5 mALCM, under development
Hatf 9 Nasr604006, 0.4 m1200 kgSub-kiloton warhead for tactical use against advancing enemy columns.Chinese WS-2 copy
F-16A/BSargodha, Jacobabad, Jamshoro
Mirage III/VMasroor, Sargodh, RafiqiObsolete



This bases houses Ghaznavi and Shaheen1, Shaheen 2 and perhaps Ghauri missiles There are multiple TEL garages and storage sites. Mushaf airbase with nuclear capable F-16s is 8 km from here.


Has TEL launcher area and munitions storage bunkers. Suspected to house Nasr whose range 60 km is equal to distance from border.


Located in Balochistan and 220 km from Indian border. Has two underground storage facilities. Suspected to house Shaheen 2.


 Includes a TEL area and probably houses Nasr, Ghaznavi or Shaheen 1.

  1. National Development Complex, Fatejung

Assembly area for Ghaznavi, Shaheen 1, Shaheen 2 and Babur.

  1. AKRO

Has underground storage and TEL garage complex. Houses Babur??


It houses nuclear capable but old Mirage-III and Mirage-V jets and has a underground weapons storage and command & Control facility.


It houses nuclear capable but old Mirage-III and Mirage-V jets. 


Modern F-16 Block 52



  • Air Force Strategic Command (AFSC), 
  • Islamabad Northern Air Command (NAC), 
  • Peshawar Central Air Command (CAC),
  • Lahore Southern Air Command (SAC), 
  • Karachi Air Defence Command (ADC), Rawalpindi



  1. F-16 A/B  Block 15 & C/D Block 52. 64(46+18). Multirole

 46 Bought in 1980 as Block-15, 18 in 2008. all upgraded to Block-52 

  1. JF-17 Block I and II.  98-120 in 5-6 Squadrons. Multirole. Block-III under development. 50 Block I and rest Block II.
  2. Mirage-III. 68. Interceptor.
  3. Mirage-V. 87. Ground attack. Both Mirage-III and V are upgraded under Retrofit of Strike Element (ROSE) program. 43 III & V bought from France in 1990 and 50 from Libya in 2004. 
  4. J-7P and J-7PG 140/181(127+54). Interceptor. Old with poor serviceability. Being replaced by JF-17. 


  1. SAAB 2000 Erieye : 4. Original 4, 3 damaged, 2 repaired and 1 replaced
  2. Shaanxi Y-8 (ZDK-03) : 4


  1. Dassault Falcon 20: 2


  1. Ilyushin-78: 4


  1. C-130. 16 including 6 old from Australia
  2. SAB-2000. 1 VIP duties.
  3. Y-12. 2
  4. CN-235. 3


  1. Hongdu JL-8/K-8P. 28-38. Advanced trainer.
  2. Cessna T-37. 30-39. Intermediate trainer.
  3. MFI-17 Mushshak.  120-149. Basic trainer.
  4. Chengdu J-7/FT-7. 7. Conversion trainer.
  5. Shenyang J-6/FT-6. 9. Jet trainer.


  1. Mi-17.  4
  2. AW-139
  3. Alouette III. 15

Pakistan Air Force Bases & Squadrons

  • Bholari AB.  41 Tactical Wing
    • 19th Squadron (Sherdils). F-16A&B.  (F-16 shotdown in Feb 2019 was most likely from this unit)
  • Korangi Creek, Karachi.
  • Training base with F-6. F-7 and Mirage
  • Masroor. 32 Tactical Attack Wing.
    • 4th Squadron (Karakoram Eagles). KE-03 AWACS
    • 7th Squadron (Bandits). Mirage 3EA and 3DP. Tactical Attack.
    • 8th Squadron (Haiders). Mirage 5PA2, 5PA3 and 5DD. Tactical Attack
    • 22nd Squadron (Ghazis). Mirage-3DP, 5EF, 3EL,3BE & BL. Conversion Unit.
    • 84th Squadron (Dolphins). AW-139, Mi-17SH
  • M.M. Alam AB, Mianwali,  37 Combat Training Wing

Training base

    • 1st Squadron (Rahbers). K-8P. Training
    • 18th Squadron (Sharp Shooters) F-7 and F-7P. Conversion unit.
    • 20th Squadron (Cheetahs). F7PG, FT-7PG. Conversion Unit
    • 86th Squadron. (Ababeel). Alouette-3. Search & Rescue.
    • Shooter Squadron. F-7, FT-7P
  • Minhas AB, Kamra. 33 Tactical Air Wing

Near Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra which manufactures JF-17 and overhauls F-7 and Mirages,

    • 3rd Squadron. Saab-2000 Erieye. 4 AWACS
    • 16th Squadron (Black Panthers. JF-17 and JF-17B. Multi role.
    • 1st Flight- Abad, Burraq and Shahpar UAV.
    • 87th Squadron (Dragonflies). Mi-17 and Alouette 3
  • Mushaf AB, Sargodha

Includes Airpower Center of Excellence (ACE) with Combat Commanders School (CCS) for Mirage, F-7, JF-17 and F-16

    • 9th Squadron (Griffins). F-16A,B Multi role
    • 24th Squadron (Blinders). Falcon-20. Electronic Warfare
    • 82nd Squadron (Stallions). AW-139
  • Nur Khan AB, Rawalpindi. 35 Composite Air Transport Wing
      • 6th Squadron (Antelopes) C-130B & E, L-100. Transport
      • 10th Squadron (Buffaloes). IL-78MP. Tankers
      • 12th Squadron. (Globe Trotters). F-27, Falcon 20, A301-304, G-IV. VIP & transport
      • 41st Squadron. PA-34, Y-13, Ce-172, EMB-500, VIP & Transport
      • 52nd Squadron (Markhors). CN-235M
  • Peshawar AB.  36 Tactical Wing
    • 17th Squadron (Tigers). F-7PG & FT-7PG. Interceptors
    • 26th Squadron (Black Spiders). JF-17. Multi Role
    • 81st Squadron (Kangaroos). Alouette 3. Search & Rescue.
  • Quetta AB.  31 Tactical Wing
      • 23rd Squadron (Talons). F-7PG & FT-7PG. Interceptors
      • 28th Squadron (Phoenix). JF-17 Multi role
      • 85th Squadron. Alouette 3, Search & Rescue
  • Rafiqui AB.  34 Tactical Wing
      • 14th Squadron (Tail Choppers). JF-17. Air superiority ??
      • 15th Squadron (Cobras). Mirage 3DA,3EA, 5DD,5DR & 5PA. Land attack.
      • 25th Squadron (Night Strike). Mirage 5EF, 3DP & 5DD. Land Attack
      • 27th Squadron (Zarrars).  Mirage 5EF, 3DP. Land Attack
      • 83rd Squadron (Kites). Alouette 3. Search & Rescue
  • Risalpur AB.  41 Tactical Wing

Hosts PAF’s Asghar Khan Academy with following Flying Training (FT) Wings:

  • Primary FT Wings:1st and 2nd Primary FT Squadrons. MFI-17
  • Basic FT Wing: 1st and 2nd Basic FT squadrons. T-37B, T-37C
  • Advanced Jet Training Wing: 1st AJT Squadron. K-8
  • College of FT with Flying Instructors School (T-37B), PAC College (Sf-25) and Sherdils Aerobatics (K-8)
  • 38th Multi-role wing. Shaheen Training Corps (S6T)
  • Shahbaz AB, JACOBABAD. 39 Tactical Wing
    • 2nd Squadron (Minhasians). Multi-role JF17.
    • 5nd Squadron (Falcons). Multi-role F-16C-52 and D-52
    • 11th Squadron (Arrows.) Multi-role F-16A and B
    • 88th Squadron. Search & Rescue AQ-139
  • Sharea Faisal. PNS Mehran. 40 Wing
      • 21st Squadron (Pegasus). C-130E and Saab-2000. Transport.



F-22P ZulfiquarFrigate. 3144 t4Zulfiqar, Shamsheer,  Saif & Aslat
Type-21 TariqFrigate. 3250 t3Tariq, Khaibar, Shahjahan.
Oliver Perry ClassFrigate 4200 t1Alamgir
Type 054APFrigate 4100 t??
Jinnah Frigate 2800 t??
YarmookCorvette 2300 t1 or 2Yarmook
AzmatMissile boat. 560 t2/4Azmat, Dehshat
JalalatMissile boat. 250 t2Jalalat, Shujaat
JurratMissile boat2Jurrat, Quwwat
MunsifMinehunter 536 t3Munsif, Mujahid, Muhafiz
MadadgarTanker 1600 t2Madadgar, Rasadgar
GwadarTanker 2000 t2Gwadar, Kalmat
FuqingReplenishment 15000 t1Nasr
MoawinReplenishment 17000 t1Moawin
Agosta 90BDiesel 2050 t3Khalid, Hamza, Saad
Agosta-70Diesel 17602Hashmat, Hurmat
CosmosMidget sub 110 t3-5

TABLE: Pakistani Naval Fleet


6 Battalions

  • 1st Marines, Joint Army-Marines Base, Sir Creek
  • 1st Creek Battalion, Sujawal
  • 2nd Marines, Qasim.
  • 3rd Marines, Gwadar.
  • 21st Air Defence. Ormara.
  • Marines Amphibious WIng. Qasim


  1. Challenges for Indian Air Force: 2032
  2. The Stinger missile and U.S. intervention in Afghanistan.
  3. Pakistan Army Aviation Special Report
  4. An introduction to Pakistan’s military
  5. Pakistan’s Evolving Nuclear Weapons Infrastructure
  7. Defence Primer. An Indian Military in Transformation?
  8. History of Pakistan Army Aviation 1947-2007
  9. Pakistan Airforce’s Spada 2000 Air Defense System (Medium Range SAM)


Name: Mushaf Airbase. IATA Code: BHW

Type: Major Pakistan Air Force base and nuclear weapons storage site.

Location: Sargodha, Punjab, Pakistan.

Coordinates: 32°02′34″N  72°40′43″E

Comments: PAF base Mushaf in Sargodha, Punjab is one of more important military establishments for multiple reasons:

  1. It is Central air command of PAF. It also houses Combat Commanders School which has Skybolts flying Dassault Mirage 111/5 and Dashings currently flying Chengdu F.7P. These can be seen parked out in open often.
  2. Number 9 and 19 Squadrons with F-16A/B Block 15. Unlike Mirage and F7 mentioned above, F-16s spend most of their time in hardened shelters.
  3. Number 24 Squadron flying Electronic Warfare aircraft based on French Dassault Falcon 20 airframe.
  4. A large number of Pakistani nuclear warheads and missiles like M-11 are stored here.
PAF Mushaf, 176 km from IB
PAF Airbase Mushaf in Sargodha, Punjab province of Pakistan. , 176 km from IB
PAF Mushaf, old aircraft
old aircraft, probably for display
PAF Mushaf, old aircraft on display
Old aircraft on display
PAF Mushaf, PAF Mushaf, Some transport aircraft parked in open
Some transport and quite a few fighter planes are almost always visible here
Same place, Snapshot from 2008
Same place, Snapshot from 2008
Supposedly residential colony near aircraft shelters
Supposedly residential colony near aircraft shelters
Reinforced aircraft shelters
Reinforced aircraft shelters
Aircraft shelters 1
Aircraft shelters 1
Looks like reinforced storage area
Looks like reinforced storage area
Possible SAM sites
Possible SAM sites
Air defence site
Air defence site
Some hangars and possibly underground storage
Some hangars and possibly underground storage
Heavily fortified bunkers. Possible weapon storage
Heavily fortified bunkers. Possible weapon storage
PAF Mushaf, Sargodha, runways
PAF Mushaf, Sargodha, runways
Radar site
Radar site. Administrative buildings are on lower left side. Bigger complex is not visible in this picture.
Possible SAM site (2)
Possible SAM site
Pakistani PM posing with some pilots in front of a F-16 parked outside it’s hardened shelter.
Another view of the shelters.

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Name: Lora Lai. City: Lora Lai. Airport name: Lora Lai. IATA code: LRG

Type: Airstrip and a few helipads.

Location: Balochistan, Pakistan

Coordinates: 30°21′50″N  68°36′54″E

Comments: This seems to be a pretty nondescript patch of land with only a few interesting features. Runway length is 900 m, which makes it pretty unusable for most combat aircraft. There seems to be no civilian infrastructure or civil flights. This is more like a big village or a very small town.

Only interesting thing that I was able to find that Lora Lai is one of primary training centers for Frontier Corps which is mostly involved in operations in Balochistan.

Lora Lai distance from IB 316km
Lora Lai distance from IB 316km
Lora Lai Pakistan
Lora Lai Pakistan
Lora Lai military hospital
Lora Lai military hospital
Lora Lai helipads
Lora Lai helipads
Lora Lai FC training center
Lora Lai FC training center
Lora Lai airstrip 900m
Lora Lai airstrip 900m
Lora Lai cantt
Lora Lai cantt

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Name: Chandhar Airbase

Type: Pakistan Air Force operated airfield, no civilian use.

Location: Punjab, Pakistan.

Coordinates: 32° 4’38.20″N   73°47’23.65″E

Occupants: PAF

Airstrip Length: 2.4 km

Comments: There is very little information about Chandhar airbase available in open sources. It’s about 77 km away from international border and seems to be military installation for use only during war time as a way of dispersing aircraft. There are some aircraft shelters, basic underground storage bunkers but  limited support infrastructure. It’s surrounded by farms on all sides and shows very little signs of activity, construction and changes.


Chandhar airbase, Distance from border 77 km

Chandhar airbase, Distance from border 77 km


Aircraft shelter 1

Aircraft shelters 1

Aircraft shelters 2

Aircraft shelters 2


Aircraft shelters 3

Aircraft shelters 3


Hardened bunker

Hardened bunker


Possible underground bunker and air defence site

Possible underground bunker and air defence site


Unidentified (possible AD site)

Unidentified (possible AD site)


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