Another strike in J&K; today. 

2 weeks ago it was transporters association which called for a 3 day lockdown to pressurise govt for increase in fares after increase in fuel prices. Now its turn of political parties. Issue this time is transfer of land to Amarnath Shrine Board in Kashmir. Muslim separatists in Kashmir protesting against it and Hindus in Jammu against government’s move to appease them.

Its getting really annnoying now. Except for some cheap publicity for leaders, nobody else gains anything from these strikes. Businesses, institutions, offices etc are shut down. Places which aren’t closed are forced to do so. Righteous mob trying to set everything right. This is one of the worse things anywhere. Mindless violence, stonepelting, damaging public and private property..these morons should be shot or atleast put in chains for 4-5 years atleast.  :x   

Apart from that I do have some kind of opinion on this issue. I don’t like so much forest land being encroached upon like that; by Hindu, Muslim India, govt. people whatever. If Kashmiri protests were based on that issue I’d have probably supported them, but these tratitors have made it a communal and political issue. For them, its a ploy to settle Hindus permanently in kashmir to change demographic structure of the place. Bullshit. That place is under snow for atleast 8-10 months every year. Who can stay there for whole year? Not to mention lack of  electricty, water, roads  in addition threat of terrorists and hostile locals. Plots in Sidhra colony near Jammu city were sold to Muslims at throw away prices. Nobody bothered. But same morons oppose temporary structures to provide temporary shelter to piligrims. 

Even if it was a ploy to settle Hindus there, how the hell can these bastards oppose this??? Thousands if not lakhs of kashmiri Hindus were forced to flee their homes by these terrorists . A large percentage of them are still living as refugees in their own country. Theres this act that pohibits anybody with no state-subject certificate from buying property and settling here. These traitors want to make this state another pakistan…so they oppose scrapping of this act whole heartedly. They wouldnot allow Indians from other parts to settle or start business here but are shameless enough to beg for money every year. More than half of J&K; budget is financed by centre and most of it goes to corrupt assholes in Kashmir.J&K; isn’t the 2nd most corrupt state in India(only after Bihar) for nothing. 

THey get massive subsidies and direct flights for Haj. No Hindu ever opposed this massive waste of public money every year. If they oppose this land ransfer, all Haj subsidies should be withdrawn too.

Most of revenue that Kasmir earns by itself is due to Amarnath piligrims only. Not many people visit the place inspite of all its beauty. Still these thankless traitors stone the buses and attack, women, children alike.

Jammu pays lion’s share of taxes  inspite of smaller population while kashmiri get away without paying basic taxes like VAT, electricity, water bills even. Its Kashmiris who populate most of state givt jobs and academic lists. They get 75% of total scholarships. No Hindu can dare to pass all 4 years of his engineering in REC Srinagar, while Kashmiris get all the plum seats in govt as well as private colleges in Jammu.

See how how these traitors oppose Indian state in their protests by carrying pakistani flags and hoisting it on Clock tower in main city, chanting pro-pak and anti-India, slogans. All they get is some of their leaders are put under house arrest while pro-India protesters in Jammu are shot at and curfew imposed. State govt. is fully hand in glove with these separatists. 

Why can’t Indian govt. be tough and put all the separatists, AHPC, PDP leaders, activists in jail. These fuckers should be shot in full public view. 

Indian strategic relations with Israel are mostly kept low-profile. But Israeli assistance was vital in one of the most vital Indian defence  projects…Ballistic Missile Defence. Following excerpt from;=7

puts more light on it 

Dr Abdul Kalam was already overseeing the Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme (IGMDP); he began feasibility studies on an ABM programme as well. The DRDO’s first challenge was to develop a radar, which could pick up enemy ballistic missiles being launched from up to 300 kilometres away. The longest range Indian radar was the Rajendra, with a range of 60 kilometres, and there simply wasn’t the time to develop a long-range radar from scratch. The only option was foreign collaboration. Dr Abdul Kalam put one of his top scientists, Dr VK Saraswat, in charge.

Dr Saraswat recounts how Russia was first approached, but the conditions in Russia — with defence R&D; at an all time low — made the DRDO reject that option. It was then that the Israeli ABM programme —- the Arrow-1, based upon the long-range Green Pine radar — caught the DRDO’s eye. A delegation was sent to Israel, but it was turned down because the Green Pine radar incorporated US technology. But Israel did agree to collaborate with India in building a Long Range Tracking Radar (LRTR), which could form the basis for India’s ABM system.

Dr Saraswat rejects reports that the LRTR in India’s ABM system is actually the Israeli Green Pine radar. He stated, “The LRTR is actually a radar built by (a DRDO laboratory) the Electronics and Radar Development Establishment (LRDE) in Bangalore, in collaboration with Israeli company, ELTA. It is not the Green Pine. The technology of the Green Pine may be built into this, but not even a single module of Green Pine is in (the LRTR). If we had done that, the Americans would have stopped the flow of technology to Israel.”

Also needed for the system was a guidance radar, to track the incoming enemy missile. LRDE, explains Dr Saraswat, has developed that radar in collaboration with French company, Thales.

(Pitures coursey:

60th Independence Day of my country coming up. I’ve lived through 22 . This somehow feels special. Its only symbolic, but still, sometimes symbols are what people need.
Millions of people fought for freeing the country, nobody knows how many people fought, died, were tortured, imprisoned. 
1000s of soldiers died and undergo great hardships for perserving that freedom.
My heart-felt thanks to all of them
India is slowly but steadily claiming her rightful place. Inspite of all the challanges, we are making good progress. 

I feel happy, optimistic and proud. :)

It was Vijay Divas today..I mean 26th AUgust
The day remembers its brave men who died in Kargil war of 1999

Heres the list of Soldiers who received Gallantry Awards. There were many others who didnt get any medal. Still, their sacrifce is as great as who did

Squadron Leader Ajay Ahuja (Vir Chakra)

Squadron Leader Kambampati Nachiketa (Vayusena Medal)

Lt. Saurabh Kalia (Kargil’s first Hero)
(Brutally tortured to death by asshole pakis :X)

Capt.Vikram Batra (Param Vir Chakra)

Grenedier. Yogendra Singh (Param Vir Chakra)

RFN .Sanjay Kumar (Param Vir Chakra)

Major Padmapani Acharya (Maha Vir Chakra)

Lieutenant Balwan Singh (Maha Vir Chakra)

Major M Saravanan (VirChakra)

Lieutenant Kanad Bhattacharya (Sena Medal)

Captain Saju Cherian (Sena Medal)

Lieutenant Keishing Clifford Nangrum (Maha Vir Chakra)

Captain R Jerry Prem Raj (Vir Chakra)

Major Sonam Wangchuk (Maha Vir Chakra)

Captain Vijayant Thapar