War Scenario. Part-XV

Part XIV17:45 HoursPoint 6431Poonch, Jammu Joining army was more of an accident than a conscious career choice for Shubharanjan. As a 11 years old kid, he had seen the Kargil war on TV and like every other kid of his age, he too watched the events unfolding on TV with rapt attention then … Continue reading

War Scenario Part XIV

Part XIII10:00 Hours28 Oct 2010PM HouseNew Delhi, IndiaEverybody in the meeting room wore a grim expression. None of them had expected things to deteriorate so fast. Defence Minister was supposed to be on his way to Russia for a meeting with his Russian counterpart. News of the attempted coup had … Continue reading

War Scenario (Part XIII)

Part XII07:30 Hours28 Oct 2010Point 711 Border PostUri, J&K;Sub Gurung Thapa was proving to be an enthusiastic host for the two journalists. He had assumed the responsibility of a hospitable host right from the moment the chopper carrying Varsha Dutt and her cameraman Sidhesh Pathik had landed. Maj … Continue reading

War Scenario (Part XI)

Part XRemains of General Beg’s battered convoy sped out of the bungalow premises towards the reinforcements. Aslam at once came running towards Beg’s car and saluted when General himself opened the door and got out to take a look at the reinforcements.“ Major, you arrived just in time to save … Continue reading

War Scenario (Part X)

Part IX03:30 Hours28 Oct 2012Army HQIslamabadLast few days had been really hectic for General Beg and his face showed it. He didn't had a moment of rest during last 2 days and his eyes were puffy and red from cigarette smoke and endless cups of tea consumed in that period. Right after his … Continue reading