Life style habits of an average citizen who is very concerned about the environment and effects of Diwali fireworks:

1. Water : Pre-packaged bottled water. Plastic bottle thrown away after one use. Single use plastic cups in offices and elsewhere. Because carrying water from home or filter is too inconvenient.

2. Fruit & Vegetables : Usually bought from departmental stores which wrap them nicely in styrofoam and plastic sheets. Will not buy it from normal vendors because packaging looks better and “retains freshness”.

3. Favourite food : Definitely going to eat meat. Vegetarian food is so boring. Who cares about stress on environment due to meat industry ! Food : Home delivered in plastic containers. Thrown away the same day. Milk, Bought in plastic bags.

4. Transport : Mostly more polluting diesel engined cars bought because it is cheaper than petrol. Minimal use of public transport. Because walking and public transport is for poor.

5. Love for trees : Never planted a tree whole life. Paid bribes to govt departments just to cut down the trees in front of house to get extra space for parking. Also because trees shed too many leaves and have to pay sweeper extra to remove those.

6. Plants at home: Almost all fake, made of plastic. Because real plants require too much care and effort.

7. Shopping : Will always demand a polythene bag for every purchase. Because carrying own bag is so uncool.

But bursting fireworks on Diwali on night is more polluting than 365 days of such touching concern for environment.

One has to be a special type of hypocrite to whine so much while doing so little.

This is going to be a long rant which may seem offensive to some people. So if your sensibilities are easily hurt, please don’t read further.


So…you’re still here. In case you didn’t know  I was in Mcleodganj last month and wrote a long series of posts about my experiences there. What I left out was how some stupid tourists make it highly annoying for other people. I usually hate generalisations, but this experience made it look like that some traits are ingrained in certain groups of people more than others.


Indian Females 

In my experience, a majority of Indian women should not go out to travel unless it involves fully air-conditioned hotels complemented by cabs which pick and drop   them to and from every destination. A professional photographer should also be included in the entourage just to provide them with an added incentive to come out of their cars. The photographer in turn should be expert in clicking photos tailor made for facebook.Continue reading

Came across this sign while looking for something somewhere in Gurgaon:




Funny sign


Well, nothing funny until you see this:











funny sign in gurgaon

funny sign in gurgaon




Another signboard in a residential colony. We found it funny because it was the only parking related sign that we could see. Where do rest of the people park their cars ?

 Your’s truly is one of select people on the planet who have had the chance to act in the movies, It isn’t like I’m a good actor, I never took part even in school plays. Neither do I have a great personality or good looks, In fact on that day I was looking even more hideous than usual. No shave for 2-3 weeks, overgrown hair looking like matted coils due to sweat and dust and worse. Anyhow, here is the  story:
               It just happened that we and a few friends from office were on a visit to Khajuraho in late August. We were 5 people, me, Jughead, Betty, Veronica and Archie.Obviously the names have been changed to protect the identities. :p   Rainy season is usually  an off season for tourists  due to rains  and the fact the nearby Panna National Park is closed. So we were able to find  a good lodge nearly empty. How it filled up to it’s full capacity just in 2 days is another story,Continue reading

This is part two of one of my previous posts, Kind of funny conversations.



This one happened in my office. I was sitting in my cabin (not working :D), trawling the net for a good camera. I’m smitten by cameras with fancy features (about which I don’t know a thing), big lenses ( which I don’t know how to use) etc., the cheapest one of which will cost at least Rs 21000. Anyhow there I was, drooling over the specifications and sighing on reading the prices when one guy came in for chit chat. He used to be a tour guide before he joined this company. After taking a look at my screen, he goes like :

Him: So, you’re going to buy a camera ?


Me: Yeah. If I can find someone to buy my kidney or liver.


Him: Uh ?


Me: Never mind.


Him: You know, I have a really good ipod lying around at home. Never ever used it. A German tourist gave it to me when he was going back. He thought that he had too much luggage.


Me: Nice. Why don’t I meet such generous people ? [[sigh]]


Him: You know, you can use that ipod with your camera. I don’t have any use for it.


Me: Uh ? Ipod with camera ? How does that work ?


Him: You are thinking of buying that camera worth 22000 and still don’t know about that ?


Me: Seems like that.


Him: Hah. You just put your camera on that ipod and take pictures when you need it really steady.

I stare blankly for a while and then it hits me.

Me: Are you talking about an tripod ?


Him: yes yes,. wahi tripod.


Me: Hmmm.