I was born in a Hindu family, but turned atheist a long time ago. First it was disgust with the miseries that all religions cause and then God and his existence became less and less important to me.
Media made me believe that Hindus due to their majority status should be more tolerant of minorities, especially Muslims. Any terrorist act is a handiwork of a few rotten apples, not the whole community and I agree with it whole-heartedly. Then there is a constant stream of intellectuals, liberals and self-important celebrities who repeatedly bash Hinduism on points like casteism, lack of unity, superstition among others. I agree with them on these too.
After Gujarat riots, attacks on missionaries Hindus were proved to be a violent blood thirsty mob that could go out of control on least provocation. VHP, Bajrang Dal etc. were  villains and I still don’t like them.
Some missionaries were attacked and killed by Hindu extremists just because they were luring people into conversion with offers of money. It was bad Hinduism in first place that people were tempted to convert.
So called backward categories now enjoy almost 40% reservations. Its sins of their forefathers that upper caste Hindus of current generation have to pay for now.
Bomb blasts, riots happened in Bombay, Gujarat,.. it was intolerant Hindus who pushed Muslims into violence. I could swallow all that.

To sum that all up, Hindus are a bunch of casteist, discriminatory, intolerant religious bigots who deserve to be punished, mocked at and given same amount of respect that is reserved for Taliban. In their need to be seen as fashionably cool, liberal and cosmopolitan, most Indians think the same. Its always fault of Hindu majority.

But why are there double standards when our intelligentsia talks about Muslims? Inspite of so much violence based on Islam ( in India only) how come they are always poor, under-represented, righteous minority who deserve to be protected from Hindu majority?
Let me explain here in case of J&K;:

1) J&K; is only Muslim majority state in J&K.; See what they did to Hindus here. 4Lakh+ Kashmiri Pandits living all over the Kashmir division were driven out of their homeland of thousands of years after sustained violence that included rape, arson, killings and robberies on gun-point. A large no. of them are still living in refugee camps with single room tin shacks or tents even after 20 years of their displacement. 

Compare the news space that suffering of  4 Lakh Hindus gets as compared to 3-4000 Muslims(more or less) of Gujarat.

2) During recent protests in J&K; over Amarnath land issue, dozens of Hindu pilgrims were attacked and beaten up by Muslim mobs in Kashmir. 3 Sikh truck drivers from Jammu region were critically injured in different places there. 30 buildings belonging to Hindus were burnt down in Poonch. There were grenade attacks on Hindu processions in Kishtwar. Hindus were attacked in Rajauri too.
FYI, Rajauri, Poonch, Kistwar , all are Muslim majority ares.
Compared to this in Jammu city, where Muslims are in minority, there were no attacks on any Muslim. Many of my neighbours are Muslims. Even when protests were at their peak, they were freely visiting mosques wearing skull caps and no Hindu bothered any of them.
In Jourian(Akhnoor), local Hindus chased out a few miscreants who were trying to stone a mosque. News of a few burnt mudhuts of Muslims was national news, but intimidation and attacks on 100s of Hindus was not  .

3) How many Hindu temples are left in Kashmir? Of a few temples buildings still intact, how many are still used as temples?

4) Why Kashmiri Muslims are whining about Azadi when J&K; is one of the richest states in India, receives more aid than many of states combined, has a separate constitution, flag and article 370?
Compare condition of Indian Kashmir with PoK in these links




Why don’t KMs ask for Azadi of Pak Occupied Kashmir too?

One of the most obvious reasons seems to be that Pakisatan is an Islamic country while India is a secular democracy where kafirs and muslims have equal rights . Apparently kafirs can’t have same rights as a Muslim.

5) KMs raised bogey of economic blockade by Hindu extremists. Rest of India was stupid enough to beleive this bullshit. Everywhere on TV, newspapers etc there was this so called economic blockade of Kashmir which was just false propoganda. I travel on Jammu – Srinagar highway daily for work and only day when there was  complete blocakade was on 1st August. After that Army was out everywhere blocking protesters from even reaching the highway. Figures from State, Centre and Army prove this fact. Shortage of any of commodities in KAshmir was due to strikes called by Hurriat and PDP goons, not protesters in Jammu.

Infact it was Jammu which was under economic seige due to strikes. No truck  loaded or unloaded in Jammu for whole month. But Jammu agitation was for a “Hindu” cause, so this fact was ignored easily.

Read archives of dailyexcelsior.com and earlytimes.in for news reports

5)  KMs say that it was a Muslim shepherd who found the cave and are still taking care of pilgrims. So management of yatra should be in Muslim hands only. One thing not many people know that this cave was known to Hindus for thousands of years. That shepherd only rediscovered it. Going by their logic, owing to their share in population, Hindus pay more than 75-80% of taxes in India. So 70-80% of posts in govt’s haj yatra management should be reserved for Hindus. 

The buzz around is like KMs serve pilgrims for free. While truth is like this 


6)    KMs openly burnt Indian flags, hoisted paki, Islamic and black flags and raised anti-India and pro-paki and militant slogans. Gilani openly says that he is a pakistani. Compred to this in Jammu, leaders of agitation blocked any politician from all parties including BJP from either participating or addressing any rally. Only flag they carried was national Tricolour.  But since Jammu was fighting for a “Hindu” cause, that agitation was communal and politically motivated  and worth derision of secualr Indians. While KMs were fighting for their azadi from iron-hand of Indian Army, so they deserve our understanding and love

7) Hindu extremists like VHP, Bajrang Dal etc are a nuisance at worst. All they do is annoying protests against imaginary insults to Hinduism like Valentine’s Day, some art etc.  SIMI and related organistaions on the other hand are accused of treason and terrorist acts all over India. Still  there is a talk of unbanning SIMI and banning VHP, Bajrang Dal.  Apparently, bombing of a gift gallery by Muslim terrorists is more Halaal than ransacking by a few rabid Hindu goons. Why don’t such people look around Islamic countries to see how many allow Valentine’s Day and paintings like that of Hussain in their territory.

Every moron terrorist justifies his acts by saying, Islam is in danger and he is fighting to protect it. They bomb, maim, kill, rape and torture people regardless of nationality, age, gender or even religion. Still according to liberals, Islam is a religion of peace and these people need to be treated with kid-gloves not iron-fist.

   IMHO, best Indian in India right now is a Muslim, our top rocket scientist and former President Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam Azad. Minorities in India have achieved success in every field, politics, industry, sports, science, art. You name it. Still, minorities are unsafe here.

Shabana Azami says that she couldnot find a flat for herself because she is a Muslim. Has it ever occured to her that her snobbish attitude could be one reason? Where was she living for so long in Mumbai all this time?  If her religion was a factor, how come Khans are top dogs in bollywood? How many Indians refuse to see a movie because it has a Muslim actor, director, singer in it?

You cannot talk about taking a strong stance against China and Pakistan, no matter what the provocation. Reason, We are peacefulGandhian people, war is bad,  its bad for economy, blah blah.I agree war is bad , but since when its accpetable to sell national self-respect and soul for money?  It  is accpetable to loose 1000s of soldiers every year in proxy war but taking strong actions against pakistan is haraam.

I don’t have anything against any religious group. They are free to practise their religion, as long as they are reasonable, don’t force their ideology on others and respect sovereignity of nation. Is it too much to ask for?For how long a nationlist who by chance happens to be a Hindu is supposed to bend over backwards to be considered liberal and tolerant? 

For some reason, Blogger disrupts any formatting I make in this post.Must be some bug or its incompatible with my browser. Kindly click on this link :


for a spreadsheet with proper formatting. Its a Google spreadhsheet.

                                                  JAMMU—   KASHMIR

1) TOTAL AREA (sq KM)    26293——15948

 2) VOTERS                            3091193—-2986670

3) Lok Sabha Seats                 2———–3

4) State Assembly Seats        37 ———6

 a) Electricity(2007-08)
Target                                             417 crore—519 crore
 Realised                                         443 crore—246 crore

 b) Sales Tax since 1957-2007    2474.8 crore–1075.2 crore

6) a)Non-plan Expenditure  35%——— 65%

  b)Plan Expenditure (Chart Below)  

All Figures in Crores

DEPARTMENT          8th Plan             9th Plan        

                           – Jammu~~~Kashmir—-Jammu~~~Kashmir

1)Agriculture              57.6~~~104.5—147.3~~~253.7

2) Irrigation                 91.1 ~~~136.6—112.7 ~~~ 210

3) Roads & Building     144.2~~~247.2—229.3~~~403.6

4) Health                       123.8~~~135.34—229.3~~~274.45

5) Tourism                    15.2 ~~~34.39—34.9 ~~~58

6) Power                        516.75~~~775.1—56.94~~~85.4

7) HUDA                        19.3~~~ 45.2—39.8 ~~~93 

  Sewerage                       2.9 ~~~6.8—6.2~~~14.6  
  Drainage                        20.37~~~47.53—27.84~~~64.96

Facts speak for themselves. Inspite of having larger no. of voters, area and much more contribution by way of taxes, Jammu region is repeatedly screwed by Kashmir centric policies of centre and J&K; govt.

Details compiled from J&K; State Govt sources and 




Perhaps most important of all,

Thousands of young men from Jammu enter armed forces every year.

Any Kashmiri muslim in Indian armed forces?? Frankly, 24 years living in the state, I’ve never seen any except in police.


JAMMU            2 

KASHMIR        0

Out of 21 PVCs granted till date, 11 were for battles in J&K..; I haven’t yet posted data about other gallantry awards, like Ashok Chakra, Vir Chakra, Maha Vir Chakra etc. etc. The figure will probably grow into 100s.Thousands of our finest soldiers have laid down thier lives defending this state. Is it just another peice of land that we give away if some morons on Paki payrolls start shouting “Azadi” slogans? Is Siachen just a snow covered wasteland?Next thing these paki morons will ask for land in Rajasthan, Do we give more territory away, its just sterile desert. Going by this logic, why do we hold our Tiranga so dear? Its just a piece of cloth..no??

Do Kashmirs really want Azadi? What is definition of a Kashmiri? What about 5 lakh + HIndus who were hounded out of thier homes by these separatists? Don’t they have any rights?

Link: http://india.merinews.com/catFull.jsp?articleID=139806

What about 10 lakh+ refugees from PoK who are living as second rate citizens without voting rights, ration cards even after 60 years?

Link: http://infochangeindia.org/Agenda/On-the-move/’For-us-only-the-camp-is-home’.html 

One of the most vocal separatists in Mehbooba. Have we forgotten how 4 hardcore terrorists were released in exchange for her kidnapped sister when thier father was Home Minister. That incident is widely held as a landmark from where militancy really took hold in J&K.; She is the one who talks about dual currency, getting army out from valley and many other pro-paki measures.Their “Healing Touch” policy of supporting militants breathed life back into cross-border terrorism that was into decline just before Mufti assumed power.Mufti clan will sell anything for power and money.

I wouldn’t even mention Hurriyat morons here. They are 100% paki agents. 

Link: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/We_are_Pakistanis_says_Geelani/articleshow/3378137.cms

Why is it that Kashmiris can buy land all over India, but an Indian cannot buy anything in J&K; if he is not a state-subject. Why do these fanatic ilsamists shit their pants when govt transfers a few kanals of land to Shrin Board after taking 4-5 years getting approval from all ministries and even High Court. Its not possible for me to go into details. Kindly read this article for true factors behind this land issue. 

Link: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Columnists/Tarun_Vijay_Reclaiming_India/articleshow/3333783.cms 

One thing I’d like to add though, some close friends and family members went on Amarnath yatra this year. According to them, conditions are really bad. No clean, private toilets, no hot water and locals fleecing piligrims like anything. A piligrim is charged anything upwards of 1800 rs. for spending one night in a cloth tent shared by 5-10 other people in sub-zero temperatures and occasional snowfall, landslides, hail and rain 

We, the people of Jammu, request all Indians to get out of their slumber and pay heed to the facts. We don’t ask for your money, neither do we ask you to bring 10000s of protesters for our support. All we ask for is to call the bluff of paki separatists like Hurriyat, Mufti clan and retarded liberals like Arundhati . Tell me one country in world where a separatist can declare on national media, “This is our land,. Agar le sakte ho to aa ke le lo.” ? How can Omar Farooq declare in parliament,”We’ll not give even an inch of our land”. Whose land is it in first place? Is it exclusively the “baap ka maal” of these morons only? People from Jammu and rest of India don’t have any rights? Rights of self-confessed pakistanis like Gilani and his ilk who burn Indian flag on 15th August and unfurl Paki and Islamic flags on 14th August are more impotant? Why do we tolerate such assholes?

Its easy to blame politicians for this mess, but what about your stance? How can an ordinary Indian support Arundhati Roy when she says Kashmir should be given azadi or stay silent when a pak sponsored separatist burns OUR national flag??

National media and many political parties are repeatedly trying to undermine agitation in Jammu by branding it communal and BJP inspired. This is very untrue. 

Please watch videos recorded off local TV channels to see the real picture

Link: http://www.youtube.com/user/jjamwal


The movement going on in Jammu is truly secular with participants from all religions, (Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christian, Buddhists included)., political parties, professional groups like BAR, Doctors Asociation and others. Lakhs of people all over Jammu region have been taking part in 100s of protest marches daily since 2 months now. There is no leader to lead them, no party flag or even any religious symbol. Only flag they carry in National Flag. All particiapnts include normal working class people, govt. employees, doctors, lawyers, professionals, daily wagers; men, women, children, young and old.

These processions are mostly peaceful. Violent incidents if any are isolated and condemned by all. Government responed to our legitimate demands by imposing 12-18 hour power cuts, banning media, sms , imposition of curfew, blockading EVERY road by roadblocks and barbed wires for weeks.When High Court instructed govt to lift ban on sms service they got decison revoked from Supreme court. Now when TV channles ask for opinions through sms, do you see any sms from Jammu? 

Kashmiri separatist raised bogey of economic blockade and made it an excuse for their march towards pakistan. That bloackde bogey is completely false if you go by army and government figures. More trucks were loaded unloaded in Valley compared to corresponding figures in pevious years. In contrast no truck loaded/unloaded in Jammu region for weeks .Then Kashmiris asked for compensation for “loss of their apple crop which rotted”and centre promptly released 300 crore for them. In thier eagerness to appease them nobody paid heed to fact that season for Kashmiri apples starts only in late August at earliest. What apple stock rotted due to their “economic blockade” is beyond everybody’s comprehension here. 

Then Kashmiris made it an issue when some of them were shot at by security forces when they tried to cross border. Tell me one country in world which will allow these kind of fanatic separatists to cross international border in this way. Not even European champions of Human Rights allow this kind of protests, bonhomie of EU notwithstanding

Link: http://www.merinews.com/catFull.jsp?articleID=139721

They said, Kashmir drivers were being attacked in Jammu. Truth is 3 truck drivers from Jammu region, atleast 2 of them Sikhs were beaten up mercilsessly in Kashmir including one in Bijebhara.

In Jammu, a man named Kuldip Dogra after hearing speech made by Omar farooq in parliament consumed poison secretly, then stoop up in a gathering of Sri Amarnath Yatra Sangharsh Samiti to recite a self-composed patriotic poem and died. Next day, 100s of policemen snatch his body away from greiving relatives, then try to burn the body during night using old tyres and kerosene and beat up his widow and family when they protested. A priest witness to this barbaric act manages to escape and alert other people who then came to the rescue. Since then a retired doctor committed suicide and 2other people attempted in support of the cause. 7 other people died in police firing and beatings with 100s seriously injured. 

In Jammu, Every business institution is closed for 2 months now. Everybody including businessmen, salaried workers and daily wagers are suffering due to shortage of ready cash, shortage of supplies including food and medicines. Still there has been no pause in protests. People are collecting money among themselves and providing free food and other essential items to poor and needy all over the region. Do you really think people have the patience to keep the movement running for so long if it was about land, politics or religion only? 

Link: http://dailypioneer.com/indexn12.asp?main_variable=front_page&file;_name=story4.txt&counter;_img=4

This movement is about KEEPING SECULAR SPIRIT OF INDIA ALIVE IN INDIAN TERRITORY. Do we, people of Jammu, deserve to be labelled violent intolerant communalists for this basic right?

Jai Hind

P.S: More links that confirm whats written here

Ladakh supports Jammu http://www.dailyexcelsior.com/web1/08aug23/news.htm#4


Let there be no dispute over this simple fact: India is being banished from the Valley of Kashmir. Separatism is the mildest of words one can use to describe the soaring hate, which continues to be further accentuated by the flags of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan fluttering over erupting streets
You may say this is the moment for all honourable men to come together for the sake of the Nation Endangered. To the shame of us all, in India of the moment, honour and nation are incompatible. It is not politically viable to be honourable. And the nation is negotiable when immediate political dividends are higher. Nothing illustrates this truism better than Jammu and Kashmir, where India has vanished from the minds of those politicians who swear by Kashmiriyat and other such sonorous abstractions.

WHILE PAKISTAN has been mounting a large scale propaganda campaign to project to the world its cause in Kashmir, we in India seem to have done little beyond affirming and re-affirming that Kashmir is an integral part of our country and that it will be defended at all costs. This gives an impression that our case in Kashmir is only that of possession and our ability to hold it by force. In actual fact, however, India alone has legal as well as moral right over Kashmir and Pakistan’s case is only that of a thief shouting ‘thief thief’. The Indian government has, apparently, failed to project its case not only to the world but also to its own people within and outside the state. Little wonder that even sixty years after the state acceded to the Indian Union, a section of the Kashmiris continue to challenge this accession with impunity.
J&K; 2nd most corrupt state in India
Among the states, Kerala was found to be the least corrupt in public services with the next four positions being taken by Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh. On the other side of the spectrum, Bihar was found to be the most corrupt state, closely followed by Jammu & Kashmir.
ISLAMABAD, Aug 19 (PPI): Pakistan has reaffirmed its political, diplomatic and moral support to Kashmir cause and stressed the need to associate the Kashmiri people in the jihad against the dirty kaffirs of India. This was stated by Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi while talking to an All Parties Hurriyet Conference delegation here Tuesday. The delegation led by Ghulam Nabi Fai, Executive Director, Kashmir American Council, Washington included Syed Yusuf Naseem, Ghulam Safi, Rafiq Dar and Nazir Quraishi. The Kashmiri leaders spoke of their concern on recent unrest and violence and use of force in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Sweets was offered for APHC leader Shaheed Shaikh Abdul Aziz and other Kashmiris euthenised in recent Muslim mob violence in Indian Jammu and Kashmir. 
Farooq Abdullah rules out separation from India