Pictures of a few guns and other small arms which haven’t been uploaded till now.

TAVOR CTAR21Compact Model with self-illumination Reflex Sight

TAVOR TAR21 with self-illumination Reflex Sight

ACE 21 Assault Rifle 5.56x45mm with MEPRO 21 Reflex Sights


TAVOR C21 5.56mm assault rifle / carbine with Self-illumination reflex sight and assault grip


NEGEV SF Light Machine Gun


NEGEV Standard Light Machine Gun

ACE 32 Assault Rifle 7.62x39mm


MEPRO NOA NYX Thermal Sight on Tavor C21

TAVOR CTAR 21 Compat Model with Minimon I Monocular and MEPRO MOR Relfex Sight

TAVOR STAR Assault Rifle with MX3 Magnifying Scope

TAVOR GTAR 21 with 40mm Grenade Launcher, reflex sight and GLS sights

OFB Amogh 5.56mm carbine

INSAS 5.56mm assault rifle and 0.315 sporting rifle

84mm Carl Gustav rocket launcher

INSAS 5.56mm Para version

KALANTAK 5.56 mm micro assault rifle

INSAS 5.56mm Light Machine Gun

SIMON door busting grenade on TAVOR assault rifle, MATADOR (Man-portable Anti-Tank, Anti-DOoR) (RGW-90) AS and WB anti-armor weapon systems


ARSENAL 5.56x45mm assault rifle with 40x46 mm Underbarrel Grenade launcher (UBGL-M8)

Arsenal AR-M9 5.56x45mm assault rifle

Arsenal AR-M1F41 7.62x39mm Assault rifle

Arsenal ATGL-L5 Light Anti Tank Grenade Launcher with optical sight (SGL-7MA) and night vision device (MNV-50). 40mm round Rf-7MA in background

Arsenal 40 and 30 mm grenades

Arsenal UGGL-M1 40x46mm Stand-alone grenade launcher

Arsenal MG-1MS 7.62x51mm machine gun on tripod

This post contains pictures of various transports, weapons and other systems on display by Indian organisations, some indigenous and others produced in joint ventures with foreign companies.

Ashok Leyland, KMW Tracked artillery system


Ashok Leyland. Super Stallion 8x8 Truck



Ashok Leyland. Super Stallion 8x8 Truck


Ashok Leyland. Super Stallion 6x6 Truck



COLT 4x4 Light Tactical Vehicle, jointly developed by Ashok Leyland Defence and Panhard General Defense

Ashok Leyland 8x8 Truck Cabin

Mahindra Rakshak Plus

Mahindra Marksman light bulletproof vehicle

Mahindra Marksman Light bullet-proof vehicle

Mine Protected Vehicle India by BAE & Mahindra JV , Defence Land Systems India

Inside Mine Protected Vehicle India by BAE & Mahindra JV , Defence Land Systems India

TATA 6x6 and 8x8 Trucks

Tata 6x6 7KL Refueler

TATA Xenon Recce 4x4

TATA Xenon Recce 4x4

Tata Safari Storme Armoured

TATA Light Armoured Vehicle

Tata Mine Protected Vehicle

TATA Light Specialist Vehicle with Mobile Bunker in background

Micro Bullet Proof Vehicle

Zuzana Self-propelled 155mm/52cal wheeled gun by BEML-Konstrukta Defence

Arzu, 155mm/52cal Self-propelled tracked gun by BEML-Konstrukta Defence

Explosion containment unit

Explosion containment unit

Arjun is a bigger tank when compared to T-90 and it’s quite obvious not only from outside. Even the insides are completely different. Inside T-90 there is hardly any room for movement or even partial stretching of limbs. Arjun on the other hand is spacious and much more comfortable. See for yourself in the pictures. Unfortunately too many pictures came out bad due to incorrect camera settings and shortage of time.

Main Battle Tank Arjun


Top of Arjun's turret


Arjun's commander station

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Visit to OFB pavilion was a pleasant surprise. I met some representatives who were really helpful and patient with explaining how their stuff worked. I got some nice explanations about working of different types of tank ammunitions and their respective roles. Much better than someone like me with no credentials could expect from a PSU.

OFB's small arms ammunition


Starting from 2nd, ( 1st is unidentified) Illuminating FFV 545, HE 441B and TPT 65 for Carl Gustaf manufactured by OFB


OFB manufactured 40mm ammunition for Bofors L-70 gun


OFB Ammunition for mortars and 20mm gun

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Active Phased Array Radar LSTAR

Active Phased Array Radar LSTAR

Long Range Solid State Active Aperture Array Radar (LSTAR)

Advanced ECM system DISHA

Advanced ESM system DISHA

Light Utility Helicopter Specifications

ALH Weapon System Integration Specifications


Light Combat Helicopter


Indigenous Battlefield Management System - 1


Indigenous Battlefield Management System - 2



Multirole Transport Aircraft (MTA)

BRAHMOS Pavillion

Model, Akash SAM


FLAME Launcher



Model, Torpedo

Anti-torpedo Decoy Launching System

Model, Weapon Locating Radar