India and China share a long, mountainous border with very difficult terrain which makes it difficult to manage and monitor. Chinese claims that huge parts of territory under Indian control including Laddakh, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and Bhutan belong to them. They already occupy part of Laddakh after a war and illegal territory transfer by Pakistan.Apart from that, they’ve been sending their patrols deep inside Indian and Bhutanese territory to create border posts, roads and demolish Indian posts since decades. If India was a weaker nation like it was in 50s and early 60s, they’d have occupied all these territories and perhaps more by force. But for now, they do this type of drama in border areas.

In this video, you can see a senior Chinese officer dressed in a brown coat throwing a hysterical fit upon finding a patrol of Indo Tibetan Border Police (a Central Armed Police Force meant for security in the region. in a part of Indian territory Chinese claim to be their own.According to what can be made inferred from video, a Chinese patrol first tried to ram ITBP vehicle (white Mahindra) with their own green Hummer knockoff.

After that, they surrounded the small Indian patrol and tried to browbeat them in to submission by screaming at them. Just look at the attitude and tone of Chinese PLA officer and his interpreter. This video is presumably from last year.They tried a similar stunt earlier this year and a young Indian army lieutenant punched a PLA major in the face.

This is not the first time they’ve done it and it certainly wouldn’t be the last.But it is quite revealing to see the Chinese mentality of entitlement, bullying and throwing tantrums when things don’t go their way. All professional armies around the world have certain ethics, gravitas and mutual respect for soldiers of other countries, even if they are opponents. Seems like that Chinese lack these basic ethics.

I am taking data from and using this to calculate infection and mortality rates for some of more seriously infected countries, US UK, Italy, Iran and Spain.

Then I am calculating infection and mortality rates in China based on rates of above countries. Of these, only Iran has poorer infrastructure and unreliable figures. All other countries including even much hated US has much better health system, free press, better data collection, less pollution, less population density and are better than China in every single factor like elderly population which can affect these figures.

The epidemic started in China first and no one had any clue about existence of disease (suppressed information) let alone treat it. At the very least, numbers of Italy and China should match. Even the test kits that China is exporting have 80% failure rates.

It’s quite clear that China should have a much much larger number of causalities. To be very conservative, I am comparing China with the above mentioned countries and posting figures accordingly. Actual death toll in China should be in a few 100s of thousands if not millions.

This is from 21st March. Will add more to this post as numbers change.


and this from 27th March

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1 Who is selling arms irresponsibly? carries article lambasting western nations which have criticized Chinese weapon exports  fueled regional conflicts and humanitarian crises in Africa. Washington Post had published an article on August 26 where it said that China’s dubious arms exports policies and anti-UN stance in this matter makes it stand apart from other arms exporters like US, Russia etc.

In his article, author Kong Chushan claims:

“China’s arms trade strictly follows three important principles:

1) exports should be conducive to the legitimate self-defense capabilities of the recipient country;

2) exports should not undermine the peace, security and stability of the region concerned and the world as a whole, and

3) exports should not be used to interfere with the internal affairs of the recipient country.” 

Although the article is not too far from truth in criticising hypocrisy of western nations, but when one considers Chinese track record of  illegal trade of nukes and missiles with rogue terrorist nations like Pakistan and North Korea, this article seems nothing more than another one of their famous face saving measures.


2. Countries Sending Arms to Syria Add to the Misery 

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has said that countries sending arms to Syria are only adding to the misery. He also said the humanitarian situation in Syrian is grave and getting worse. Mr. Ban told the diplomats that ‘U.N. efforts to help Syrian refugees are badly underfunded, with only half of the money needed contributed so far.’



3. Maoists in India buying sophisticated US arms 

Maoists in India have abandoned their preference for simple  weapons in favour of sophisticated US made weapons like M-16 rifles.  According to police, the weapons were smuggled in to Jharkhand from Manipuri insurgent groups.  It’s difficult not to notice the  irony. Maoists are being forced to use arms manufactured by evil imperialist and capitalist Americans.


Indian Ministry for Home Affairs has expressed it’s concern over this development.









This is second post of my series of posts describing my visit to McLeodganj. First part is here.

Coming back to the road, I started walking back towards McLeodganj when I came across a a small trail going upwards which I thought led to another road above.   I was right in this assumption, but I wasn’t 100% sure if it led back to the town. Nevertheless, I kept walking.  I wasn’t really sure about where to go next. I thought about walking to Dal lake, which didn’t seem too far away according to the map that I was carrying. But I was wary of visiting so many places in one day and getting bored during rest of my stay.  A few minutes later I came across a foreign tourist who asked me directions to some place in broken heavily accented English. Then she showed me pictures of the place she wanted to go on her phone. It seemed like Dal lake but I was not 100% sure. So I asked an aged local who was walking by. He was fairly certain that it was Dal lake and told us that it was about 2 km away.

Dal lake in Mcleodganj

Dal lake in Mcleodganj


2km didn’t sound that far to me and I asked her if I could tag along with her to which she accepted happily. Turns out that she was a retired dance teacher from Taiwan who had came to Mcleodganj to study Buddhist Lama teachings and to learn  yog Continue reading