On 8 Aug(9:30pm)IBN7 did a news report on a protest rally being taken in Shastri Nagar, Digiana area. People from every religion participating in it, Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs openly supporting current agitation in Jammu They even interviewed a few people who clearly said that they support current agitation.
Then the news reader took over and started harping on damage being done by communal parties to secular fabric, trouble for common man, with clips of people damaging railway tracks.
Moron easily forgot to mention that a section of crowd in Samba started damaging railway trackes only when 2 more people were killed in police firing again and 3 more critically injured. Why didn’t they mention secessionist and openly anti-India policies of Kashmiri politicians?
I’m disgusted the way this channel twisted facts to suit its own agenda. Anybody having any idea who owns this channel?

I have a small video of that protest rally recorded off local TV channel and uploading it. Further I have lots of friends and relatives in that area who vouch for what I’ve written here.

Then there was this report on Jourian, where a mob burnt a police chowki. Nobody ever mentioned that Jourian is the same place where local Hindus(majority) prevented a few miscreants from damaging a mosque during early days of agitation. Now after non-stop agitation for 1 month people frustated by police atrocities and govt’s inaction go volatile and they show it off as violence instigated by “communal forces”

Talk show involving spokepersons BJP and Congress and Mehbooba of PDP.Congress and PDP conviniently forgetting the root cause of agitation in Jammu and trying to shift blame to Jammmu people for current situation. Not once anybody talks about anti-India, anti-Hindu protests of Kashmiris, while badmouthing secular, pro-Indian protesters in Jammu

Talkshow in JK CHannel over recent ban on media

Politicians of BJP and Congress expressing their views on ongoing agitation. Now even congress politicians are supporting agitation in Jammu after getting severly crticized for their duplicity and inaction.

Recording of Take1 Channel.

Police is not sparing even medicos. Misbehavin and tearing up their identity cards

I don’t know when it happened, but police barged into offices of local broadcasters and forcibly stopped transmission. Now no channel in my locality (Gandhi nagar) is working. 
Local channels show this message only 
“JK Channel & Take1 Channel banned By Administration” 

Photo08031416.jpg - image uploaded to Picamatic

These were the only channels that were showing actuall truth. National channels didn’t show even 1% of what was actually happening on ground
Further, phones arenot working properly. Can’t yet blame it on sabotage by government, but quality of service has dropped dramaticaly.

Govt. has lost all control over situation in Jammu. Curfew has been clamped over not only whole city but also outer areas and parts of many other districts.

Earlier violent protests were limited to old city areas, but since yesterday protesters all over the city have been fighting pitched battles with police and RAF. In my area, Army had to be called in to disperse the mob. Police fired dozens of shells to disperse the protesters.
House of a PDP leader in Shastri Nagar colony was damaged by protesters.
Standing on a high building, it looks like you are in a war zone..people burning tires/wood on everywhere, using water pipes, vehicles, rocks to block the way of police vehicles.

Some people are saying that a gag order has been imposed on media, forbidding anybody to show anything regarding protests. Many journalists of national and local news channels were beaten up when they were protesting against the order in city. People blame K B Jandyal, Sect. Inormation or this.


Take a look at this picture..and look at the smoke colums only in 1 view. Its same anywhere you look. In a way reminds me of what I saw of Afghanistan or Iraq on TV

Here is a video of dying part of action

Total lockdown of Jammu continues today for 4 days now.  On the other hand Kashmir is back to normal as if the protests never happened.

That place saw violent, totally unreasonable protests by extremists and separatists for 8 days..all they got was temporary house arrest of few loudmouth leaders. While authorities imposed curfew and article 144 on 2nd day of pro-Indian/Hindu protests. 

In Bhaderwah a pro-Hindu rally was attacked with a hand grenade injuring many people. In Jorian village (Akhnoor) local Hindus saved a mosque from a group of vandals.  Jammu has given this country more soldiers, many of them gallantary award winners (2 Param Vir Chakras and many more). 

Still its Jammu which gets punished.