A 60 minute long documentary (in 6 10 minute long parts) on 2 months long protests over Amarnath Shrine Board land issue in Jammu. Contains good footage of many important events. Commentary is kind of annoying but tolerable. I got it from a friend, don’t know who actually produced it. I’d be grateful if somebody has any information for proper credits.
Some of the parts have poor video quality. If you find them too bad, kindly let me know. I’ll upload better quality video.







Lakhs of AYSS activists all over Jammu region took part in jail Bharo Andolan from 1th to 20th August.Youn and old, men, women and children all offered themselves for arrests. Police stations all over the city were swamped by protesters.


Some prominent muslims from Jammu discussing current agitation. All of them express their disgust with Kashmiri politicians and neglect of Jammu by Kashmir centric govts. You should make all “seculars” watch this who are spreading falso information that Muslims are getting harmed due to “violence”





Protests continue in Jammu unabated. People from all walks of life are protesting against stupid policies of govt. 20000 people took out a rally and again crossed Tawi river on foot when security personnel tried to stop them.

Here is one more recording from local channel covering protests during Day 16 of the curfew. People from cities, villages and suburban areas, all united for one common cause. You can see Muslims including Gujjars and those from old city supporting agitation.(7:40 onwards) This again disproves Kashmiri claims that the agitation is communal.


Here are some more videos recorded off local channels of Jammu. First Video is of a protest rally being taken out. If you see closely you’ll find many Muslim Gujjars and Sikhs protesting along with Hindus. You can see one Gujjar carrying an Indian flag in 15th second and some more later.

2nd, 3rd and 4th videos are partial recordings of a talk show involving a BBC journalist, a doctor and a muslim advocate who lives in Old City area. Same place which saw most intense protests.
He clearly declares his allegiance to cause of Jammu, while denouncing discriminating and unfair Kashmiri policies. He also takes pains to make it clear that inspite of rumours being spread by Kashmiri separatists, Muslims in Jammu are completely safe and whole-heartedly support current agitation in Jammu. Kindly forward these videos to as many people, media person as possible who have little knowledge of current situation.
Participants also talk about exaggerated threats of separatists regarding blockage of National Highway.
Also take note of the fact, Rajauri district inspite of having a Muslim majority has elected 3 Hindu MLAs out of its 4 seats.