After so much hype about Linux, not all of it seems wrong though.
I’ve been trying to use the “best” distro in security field, BackTrack.
Its based on Slackware.

I’ve used some distros before too. Knoppix(another Live CD, ELXLinux installed on my HDD. Used that for 5 months . SO not entirely a newbie, but still not much knowledge either.
Downloaded the ISO,(seems easier said than done on my measly 75kbps connection, that too 3 times, but thats another story) burnt it to CD and tried to boot.
Got into boot prompt, pressed enter..and bingo—-
I had a very nice completely black screen

Seems like it hated my NVidia card.

Now, I tried Microsoft VirtualPC..installed it and ran the CD…finally i got into login prompt and into desktop too. Yippeee :D
But the joy was shortlived. Mouse didnt work..It said , download VirtualPC extensions…but couldnt :(
What’d you expect.

Then it was time for VMware
After many trials and errors and lots of searching, I found a vmx file from Irongeek site..(thank you bro), that finally allowed me to run the cd as its meant to be,

Everything worked,even the mouse.
But joy was shortlived.
Ethernet didnt work. Tried all the settings. Not even CCNA stuff helped :|

Nothing worked. Couldnt even ping my gateway.
Finally tried the Backtrack forums. Got some nice info..tried that too. GUys there seem pretty hostile, so desisted asking any “newbie” question till I was absoloutely sure. FInally put up my query there.
Till I last checked, they were just chatting over the issue. NOt any help there too. :(

I want to run BackTrack :((
Somebody post step by step instructions

This is how it starts.
This is probably gonna be my first blog entry.
Dont know whether I’ll really post it or not, but what the hell?
Whats wrong or right in this?
Well, who cares :D

Just for the people who read this….

Dont you have anything else to do?

I dont know whats gonna happen to this blog. I may stop or start posting anytime. Depends upon my whim ;)
Dont ask the reason

Dont mind spellings and grammar. Am not good in this.

Try to enjoy and learn (dont gasp). Some of the stuff could be interesting to some people.

You really don’t have anything else to do???