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We are all Earthlings – Make the Connection!

A friend said “u know what jamwal, U`ll always be the guy who i use as a reference point for every thing that is monotonous, mundane , dead end gear of this lifeless machine in the world….its cos of people like u that progress can never be defined… i`m telling u as on day with my feet firmly on the ground that u`ll never realise this till ur death bed when no one will be there to give a drop of water…. else all well here apki dua hai”
:) :D
Me is honoured

 Got this in an email forward

 Dear Rahul Gandi

Please don’t be ashamed of Uttar Pradesh yet. Congress ruled the State for the Majority of the duration Pre Independence to Post Independence from 1939 to 1989 (barring the Periods of Emergency.. Thanks to your Grand Mom Indira. and a couple of transitional Governments).


Rahul Gandhi: “I feel ashamed to call myself an INDIAN after seeing what has happened here in UP”.


Please don’t be ashamed of Uttar Pradesh yet. Congress ruled the State for the Majority of the duration Pre Independence to Post Independence.. from 1939 to 1989 ( barring the Periods of Emergency.. Thanks to your Grand Mom Indira G. and a couple of transitional Governments)

8 out of the total 14 Prime Ministers of India have been from UP, 6 out of those 8 have been from Congress…

I think your party had more than half a century and half a Dozen PM’s to build a State…

The Reason Mulayam Singh, subsequently came to Power is because your party wasn’t exactly Gandhian in their dealings in the State.. So May be If you look at in totality the present chaos in UP is the outcome of the glorious leadership displayed by Congress in UP for about 50 years!

So Please don’t feel ashamed as yet Dear Rahul.. For Mayawati is only using the Land Acquisition Bill which your party had itself used to LOOT the Farmers many times in the Past!


Not that I Endorse what Mayawati is doing.. What Mayawati is doing is Unacceptable..

But the past actions of your party and your recent comments, puts a question mark on your INTENT and CONSISTENCY.


But don’t be disappointed, I would give you ample reasons to feel ashamed…

You really want to feel Ashamed..?

First Ask Pranav Mukherjee, Why isn’t he giving the details of the account holders in the Swiss Banks.

Ask your Mother, Who is impeding the Investigation against Hasan Ali?

Ask her, Who got 60% Kickbacks in the 2G Scam ?

Kalamdi is accused of a few hundred Crores, Who Pocketed the Rest in the Common Wealth Games?

Ask Praful Patel what he did to the Indian Airlines?

Why did Air India let go of the Profitable Routes ?

Why should the Tax Payer pay for the Air India losses, when you intend to eventually DIVEST IT ANYWAY!!!

Also, You People can’t run an Airline Properly. How can we expect you to run the Nation?

Ask Manmohan Singh. Why/What kept him quiet for so long?

Are Kalmadi and A Raja are Scapegoats to save Big Names like Harshad Mehta was in the 1992 Stock Market Scandal ?

Who let the BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY Accused go Scot Free? ( 20,000 People died in that Tragedy)

Who ordered the State Sponsored Massacre of SIKHS in 84?

Please read more about, How Indira Gandhi pushed the Nation Under Emergency in 76-77, after the HC declared her election to Lok Sabha Void and cancel..!(I bet She had utmost respect for DEMOCRACY and JUDICIARY and FREE PRESS)

I guess you know the answers already. So My question is, Why the Double Standards in Judging Mayawati and members of your Family and Party?

I condemn Mayawati. But Is She the only one you feel Ashamed for?

What about the ones close to you? For their contribution to the Nation’s Misery is beyond comparison.

You talk about the Land being taken away from the Farmers. How many Suicides have happened under your Parties Rule in Vidarbha ? Does that Not Ashame You ?


Your Party gave those Farmers a 72,000 Crore Loan Waiver. Which didn’t even reach the Farmers by the way.

So, Why don’t you focus on implementing the policies which your govt. has undertaken, instead of earning brownie points by trying to manufacture consent by bombarding us with pictures of having food with Poor Villagers….

You want to feel ashamed. You can feel ashamed for your Party taking CREDIT for DEBITING the Public Money (72,000 crores) from the Government Coffers and literally Wasting it...

You want to feel ashamed.. Feel ashamed for that…


Dear Rahul, to refresh your memory, you were arrested & detained for 9 hrs by the FBI at the BOSTON Airport in September 2001.You were carrying with you $ 1,60,000 in Cash. You couldn’t explain why you were carrying so much Cash.
Incidentally, you were with your Columbian girl friend Veronique Cartelli, ALLEGEDLY, the Daughter of Drug Mafia.

9 HOURS, you were kept at the Airport.

Later then freed on the intervention of the then Prime Minister Mr.Vajpayee.. FBI filed an equivalent of an FIR in US and released you.

When FBI was asked to divulge the information, by Right / Freedom to Information Activists about the reasons Rahul was arrested … FBI asked for a NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE from Rahul Gandhi.

So, Subramaniyam Swami wrote a Letter to Rahul Gandhi, ” If you have NOTHING to HIDE, Give us the Permission”


Why did that arrest not make Headlines Rahul? You could have gone to the Media and told, “I am ashamed to call myself an INDIAN?”.

Or is it that, you only do like to highlight Symbolic Arrests (like in UP) and not Actual Arrests ( In BOSTON)

Kindly Clarify…..

In any case, you want to feel ashamed,

Read Along…


According to a Provision in the Citizenship Act.

A Foreign National who becomes a Citizen of India, is bounded by the same restrictions, which an Indian would face, If he/she were to become a Citizen of Italy.

(Condition based on principle of reciprocity)


Now Since you can’t become a PM in Italy, Unless you are born there.

Likewise an Italian Citizen can’t become Indian PM, unless He/She is not born here!

Dr. SUBRAMANIYAM SWAMI (The Man who Exposed the 2G Scam) sent a letter to the PRESIDENT OF INDIA bringing the same to his Notice. [READ LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT IN ANNEXURE -3]

PRESIDENT OF INDIA sent a letter to Sonia Gandhi to this effect, 3:30 PM, May 17th, 2004.

Swearing Ceremony was scheduled for 5 PM the same Day.

Manmohan Singh was brought in the Picture at the last moment to Save Face!!

Rest of the SACRIFICE DRAMA which she choreographed was an EYE WASH!!!

Infact Sonia Gandhi had sent, 340 letters, each signed by different MP to the PRESIDENT KALAM, supporting her candidacy for PM.

One of those letters read, I Sonia Gandhi, elected Member from Rai Bareli, hereby propose Sonia Gandhi as Prime Minister.

So SHE was Pretty INTERESTED! Until She came to know the Facts!

So She didn’t make any Sacrifice, It so happens that SONIA GANDHI couldn’t have become the PM of INDIA that time.

You could be Ashamed about that Dear Rahul!! One Credential Sonia G had, Even that was a HOAX!


You go to Harvard on Donation Quota. ( Hindujas Gave HARVARD 11 million dollars the same year, when Rajiv Gandhi was in Power)

Then you are expelled in 3 Months/ You Dropped out in 3 Months
…. ( Sadly Manmohan Singh wasn’t the Dean of Harvard that time, else you might have had a chance… Too Bad, there is only one Manmohan Singh!)

Some Accounts say, You had to Drop out because of Rajiv Gandhi’s Assassination.

May be, But Then Why did you go about lying about being Masters in Economics from Harvard .. before finally taking it off your Resume upon questioning by Dr. SUBRAMANIYAM SWAMI (The Gentlemen who exposed the 2G Scam)

At St. Stephens.. You Fail the Hindi Exam.

Hindi Exam!!!

And you are representing the Biggest Hindi Speaking State of the Country?

Sonia G gave a sworn affidavit as a Candidate that She Studied English at University of Cambridge

[SEE ANNEXURE-6, 7_37a]

According to Cambridge University, there is no such Student EVER! [ SEE ANNEXURE -7_39]

Upon a Case by Dr. Subramaniyam Swami filed against her,

She subsequently dropped the CAMBRIDGE CREDENTIAL from her Affidavit.

Sonia Gandhi didn’t even pass High School. She is just 5th class Pass!

In this sense, She shares a common Educational Background with her 2G Partner in Crime, Karunanidhi.

You Fake your Educational Degree, Your Mother Fakes her Educational Degree.

And then you go out saying, “We want Educated Youth into Politics!”

Letters sent by Dr. Swami to EC and then Speaker of Lok Sabha are in ANNEXURE 7_36 &7_35 RESPECTIVELY

Contrast that with Gandhi Ji , who went to South Africa, Became a Barrister, on Merit, Left all that to work for South Africa, then for the Country….


Not that Education is a Prerequisite for being a great Leader, but then you shouldn’t have lied about your qualifications!

You could feel a little ashamed about Lying about your Educational Qualifications. You had your reasons I know, Because in India, WE RESPECT EDUCATION!

But who cares about Education, When you are a Youth Icon!!


You traveled in the Local Train for the first time at the Age of 38.

You went to some Villages as a part of Election Campaign.

And You won a Youth Icon!! … That’s why You are my Youth Icon.

For 25 million People travel by Train Everyday. You are the First Person to win a Youth Icon for boarding a Train.

Thousands of Postmen go to remotest of Villages. None of them have yet gotten a Youth Icon.

You were neither YOUNG Nor ICONIC!

Still You became a Youth Icon beating Iconic and Younger Contenders like RAHUL DRAVID.

Shakespeare said, What’s in a Name?

Little did he knew, It’s all in the Name, Especially the Surname!

Speaking of Surname, Sir


Because the Name on your Passport is RAUL VINCI.


May be if you wrote your Surname as Gandhi, you would have experienced, what Gandhi feels like, LITERALLY ( Pun Intended)

You People don’t seem to use Gandhi much, except when you are fighting Elections. ( There it makes complete sense).

Imagine fighting elections by the Name Raul Vinci…

It feels sadly Ironic, Gandhi Ji, who inspired Icons like Nelson Mandela ,Martin Luther King Jr. and John Lennon, across the world, Couldn’t inspire members of his party/ Nehru’s Family, who only seem to use his Surname for the purposes of FIGHTING ELECTIONS and conveniently use a different name on their PASSPORT.

You use the name GANDHI at will and then say, ” Mujhe yeh YUVRAJ shabd Insulting lagta hai! Kyonki aaj Hindustan mein Democracy hai, aur is shabd ka koi matlab nahin hai!

YUVRAJ, Itna hi Insulting lagta hai, to lad lo RAUL VINCI ke Naam se!!! Jin Kisano ke saath photo khinchate ho woh bhi isliye entertain karte hain ki GANDHI ho.. RAUL VINCI bol ke Jao… Ghar mein nahin ghusaenge!!!

You could feel ashamed for your Double Standards.


Now, you want Youth to Join Politics.

I say First you Join Politics.

Because you haven’t Joined Politics. You have joined a Family Business.

First you Join Politics. Win an Election fighting as RAUL VINCI and Not Rahul Gandhi, then come and ask the youth and the Educated Brass for more involvement in Politics.

Also till then, Please don’t give me examples of Sachin Pilot and Milind Deora and Naveen Jindal as youth, who have joined Politics..

They are not Politicians. They just happen to be Politicians.

Much Like Abhishek Bachchan and other Star Sons are not Actors. They just happen to be Actors (For Obvious Reasons)

So, We would appreciate if you stop requesting the Youth to Join Politics till you establish your credentials…


Rahul Baba, Please understand, Your Father had a lot of money in your Family account ( in Swiss Bank) when he died.

Ordinary Youth has to WORK FOR A LIVING.


If our Father had left thousands of crores with us, we might consider doing the same..

But we have to Work. Not just for ourselves. But also for you. So that we can pay 30% of our Income to the Govt. which can then be channelized to the Swiss Banks and your Personal Accounts under some Pseudo Names.

So Rahul, Please don’t mind If the Youth doesn’t Join Politics. We are doing our best to fund your Election Campaigns and your Chopper Trips to the Villages.

Somebody has to earn the Money that Politicians Feed On.


Air India, KG Gas Division, 2G, CWG, SWISS BANK Account Details… Hasan Ali, KGB., FBI Arrest..

You want to feel ashamed..

Feel Ashamed for what the First Family of Politics has been reduced to…

A Money Laundering Enterprise.

NO WONDER YOU ARE NOT GANDHI’S BY BLOOD. GANDHI is an adopted Name. For Indira didn’t marry Mahatma Gandhi’s Son.


You really want to feel Ashamed.

Feel Ashamed for what you ‘ SO CALLED GANDHI’S’ have done to MAHATMA’S Legacy..

I so wish GANDHI JI had Copyrighted his Name!

Meanwhile, I would request Sonia Gandhi to change her name to $ONIA GANDHI, and you could replace the ‘R’ in RAHUL/RAUL by the New Rupee Symbol!!!

RAUL VINCI : I am ashamed to call myself an Indian.

Even we are ashamed to call you so!

P.S: Popular Media is either bought or blackmailed, controlled to Manufacture Consent!

My Guess is Social Media is still a Democratic Platform. (Now they are trying to put legislations to censor that too!!)

 India’s Prithvi Missile serves as short range ballistic missile (SRBM) and ballistic missile defense interceptor. Capable of being launched by land and by sea launched platform.

The3DStudio #64603, TurboSquid #441301

 India AGNI series of ballistic missiles. Agni-I is a short range ballistic missile (SRBM) capable of delivering conventional and nuclear weapon payloads.
The3DStudio #64668
TurboSquid #441488

Visual representation of India’s new Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, the Agni-V (K-V+ /XV) ICBM. Touted as the so called “China killer”, this three stage missile is based on the Agni-III design. With the addition of a third stage, the missile has a possible range of 5000-6000km. Further improvements to the missile are in the works to make it submarine launch capable. First test of the AGNI-V is set of 2011.

3D missile models and more available for purchase at Visual Motion Media.

Previous Part1015 Hours
13th November 2012

DM finished reading the thick 100+ page file that contained bulk of agreements signed between India and China, closed his eyes and leaned back on his chair. He had been working like a mule for last two weeks and it was the first moment in many days when he felt that he could relax. Even then, he couldn’t help but think about the deal that was about to be finalised with Chinese. Initially, Chinese negotiations team was really stubborn and inflexible, but Indians were quite a match for them and had succeeded in getting a favourable agreement after mostly acrimonious talks that lasted almost a week. But owing to unprecedented extraordinary circumstances, it was finalized in a record time.

As was expected, the talks had started in a very hostile environment. Chinese armed forces had suffered horrendous losses without much to show for it. Additionally, they had been forced to cede ground to supposedly numerically and technically inferior enemy. Their humiliation was made even worse by the capture of 2 nuclear missiles along with 100s of soldiers and capture of an intact nuclear submarine followed by sinking of another two even before the hostilities had begun. Unlike the conflict in J&K-Tibet; area that followed later, these incidents had been milked to their last drops by Indians on world stage. PLA officers which formed the bulk of Chinese negotiations team were none too happy for that. They had shown their displeasure over what was termed as”lack of maturity and foresight” by India, which was promptly rebutted by their Indian counterparts.

As was expected, Chinese had brought up every outstanding issue including status of Tibetan rebels, Arunachal Pradesh, Aksai Chin etc., many of which had little to do with the task at hand. These tactics were meant to throw Indians off the guard but Indians too had good experience in such matters and the negotiations had dragged on for days before USA and Russia had put in all of their resources forcing the two belligerent nations to hammer out a compromise. Chinese were loathe to admit that India had successfully used tactical nuclear weapons on four of their bases and had vigorously denied all such reports. India on it’s part maintained a stony silence. But within days of the attack, proofs to this effect had been released in public domain. There was much brouhaha in the usual circles, bringing even more pressure to get an effective ceasefire.

Chinese had agreed to Indian claim on Pakistan occupied part of J&K; earlier, but balked and nearly walked out when Indians staked their claim on Shaksgam Valley and Aksai Chin. Indians on their part pointed out that Shaksgam valley was more or less under Indian control and so was almost 40% of Aksai Chin. Indian offensive had been halted just a few 10s of KMs from the vital Chinese National Highway 219. But Chinese in spite of putting in best of their efforts had been unable to push back Indians from any front except a couple.
After much heated and prolonged talks, Chinese had agreed to hand over control of Shaksgam Valley to India, in exchange of Indian pull back in Aksai Chin which was hotly contested by Indians leading to another deadlock. This was broken off after much haggling and heart burn on both sides.
After many such deadlocks, gist of some important agreements were:

1) All of J&K; except Aksai Chin under Indian control. All of Pakistan occupied J&K; and Shaksgam Valley under sovereign Indian control accompanied by removal of all Chinese personnel from these areas.

2) India withdraws forces from Aksai Chin back to their previous positions. Indian team spent longest amount of time on this as the territorial gains made in the sector was substantial. . Indians agreed to only a partial withdraw and refused to abandon their new and advantageous positions The issue was not solved to satisfaction of either party and left for future talks.

3) Assurance by both nations over non-interference in each other’s internal conflicts. In nutshell, all Indian support to Tibetan rebels inside China ceases. Similarly, China stops supporting Naxals and separatist groups in north-east India.

4) In spite of their best efforts, Indians were unable to get anything agreed upon Chinese claims on Arunachal Pradesh. The matter too was left undecided pending further discussions.

5) Unconditional release of all the prisoners from both sides. Considering that Chinese formed almost all of the group, they were rather keen on it and willing to get it over with as soon as possible. The issue of two nuclear missiles and submarine was contested by India as winner’s right to the war trophy. India later agreed to hand over the weapon systems back to China (after suitable investigations).

6) Chinese delegation was put under considerable pressure by Indians over the issue of extradition and trial of Chinese personnel responsible for nuclear attack on India. India never had any kind of extradition treaty with China and they used this loophole to wriggle free. Only consolation available to India were assurances “set in stone” that the guilty people will be tried and punished under international observation

After a while DM opened his eyes and called for Defence Secretary Pillai. He was one of the most senior members from the Indian negotiations team and had drafted a significant part of the recently signed agreement himself. DM had picked up the file again and was leafing through the pages when he entered. Pillai greeted the minister and waited for him to speak. DM put the file down and said, ” “Well Pillai jee. Seems like we’ve done not a really bad job after all .”

“Not the best, but could’ve done worse. Got most of what we wanted in J&K;, but couldn’t get anything done on Arunachal and extradition. A mixed bag if you ask me.”

DM nodded, ” Nobody ever gets everything. They refuse to handover those criminals, we refuse to go back from Aksai Chin.”

Pillai looked at the file on table and said, “That’s what is troubling me. Don’t you think that it’ll provoke them in to engaging even more mischief than usual.”

DM stood up and walked to the window of his office. After staring outside for a while, he turned and faced DS., “We’ve been dealing with their mischief for decades now. One time we stood up to their bullying, they back down like a whipped dog. After what we’ve gone through, I’m not afraid of anything. If they have any problem with our attitude, too bad mate. But that’s how things are going to be from now on. ”

A surprised grin formed on Pillai’s face as he heard somewhat undiplomatic words coming out of possible Prime Minister of India. “So, we’re signing it right now ? ”

DM nodded, ” Yes. No point in delaying it further. I also need you to prepare a press release and a speech for the press conference. I’ll need you besides me there. ”

“Yes sir.” Pillai stood up to take his leave.


3 February 2013
BNT News Release

Emergency workers and rescuers have found no trace of General Kong and retired CPC member An Wang, after the yacht they were sailing in disappeared in South China sea, just a few KM away from coastal city of Shantou . Till now, only parts of the yacht have been discovered floating just a few km from the area where it was last reported to be 36 hours before. It had lost contact with mainland and other ships in middle of the night during a low intensity rain storm.
Search for the yacht and it’s occupants is still going on. According to one rescue worker, it’s nearly impossible for a yacht of that size to disappear just like that without any one seeing it at least once. Each passing moment with no trace of survivors makes any chance of their survival extremely bleak.

Although it was never declared publicly, these two were some of the senior most Chinese officials forced to resign from their posts over the role they had allegedly played in incidents that had lead to a nuclear conflict with India.

6th February 2013
Xinhua News Agency

3 PLA personnel lost their lives in a tragic road accident in Dagze. a small town near Lhasa. Dead include General Chan , his aide Major Kong and driver Corporal Fai. According to witnesses, Corporal Fai lost control of the car they were traveling in while negotiating a sharp turn and hit a road barrier. The car turned turtle on hitting the barrier and rolled down the slope to the gorge below killing all it’s occupants on the spot. Their bodies have been recovered and sent to their families for last rites.
General Chang just had just assumed command of PLA’s Dagze supply base and was on an familiarisation tour when the mishap occurred.

1223 Hours
8th Feruary 2013
PM’s Office
New Delhi, India

NSA chief Angad, entered the office of India’s newest PM and handed him a file, “Last night, Chinese forces again shelled some of our posts in Aksai Chin. No causalities, but seems like that they are making a routine of it.”

“I suppose, some people in China are getting scared.” PM Shivendra smiled and started browsing through the file. “What is going on with our Tibetan friends ?”

“They’re getting restless now. They say that they’ve been lying low for long enough. I think they are right. They’ve had ample time to train, regroup and gather supplies.”

PM nodded, “I know. Tell them to wait just a little bit more. Also send my personal thanks for their help in our little mission in Dagze. They deserve whatever we can offer them.”

Angad nodded his head in agreement and stood up to leave. Apparently, war was not over yet.

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Previous Part

0100 Hours
6th November 2012
Somewhere In India

Just like the last time, Chinese President came to the point of interest immediately, “Mr. Angad, I must strongly protest your army’s actions in Aksai Chin and Shaksgam Valley. I thought that we had an agreement on not escalating the violence till we catch and punish the criminals on our side. “

DM Angad shot back, ” Are you that ignorant of what your military is doing right in front of you or are you just playing with us Mr. Peng ? Also, our armed forces are acting under our direct orders and our orders were to not to take any further attack lying down. Your army attacked us without any provocation near Shaksgam Valley, then fired 16 cruise missiles at us. You think that we’ll take all that provocations lying down ? I had warned you earlier against any further misadventure which you ignored.”

“That helicopter of yours was shot down by some over zealous guards when it seemed like it was going to cross over to our side. It was an honest mistake.”

DM grind his teeth in anger, ” Honest mistake ! Your men not only shot down the helicopter which was 10s of KMs away from territory occupied by you, but also ambushed our soldiers who went out to help the survivors. Your men were no ordinary border guards. They were well trained special forces operatives and were under specific instructions to sabotage and harass our military personnel. We have their dead bodies and identity papers to show for it. Don’t you lie with me on this one Mr. Peng. We all know who was responsible for what.”
Seeing uncomfortable the look on other people’s faces present in room, DM took a deep breath to calm himself then continued, “Even if you were not at fault there, who is going to take responsibility for firing off 16 missiles at us ? Was that one of your investigative tactics ? “

Chinese President answered with a menace in his voice, ” I don’t think that you understand what is at stake here. Your country has already suffered one nuclear attack. I don’t even want to imagine what a full fledged nuclear war will do to your beautiful nation. “

This was the last straw for DM who shot up from his chair and hissed in to the mouthpiece, ” If you are blackmailing us with your nuclear toys, then you’ll do well to remember the fate of your Pakistani poodles. They tried playing the same game with us and see what that brought for them.You make one stupid move and I swear that your fate will be worse than Pakis. You must be extremely naive to think that I’m making empty threats.”
All the pretense of diplomatic speech was gone from the conversation.

Seeing the move backfiring, Chinese Pres immediately changed track , ” I hope you understand that we are not fighting over a personal issue here. Lives of one-thirds of the world’s population are at stake here. Any hot-headed decision will be catastrophic for the whole world. “

” Please don’t lecture me on this. It became personal for me and for everybody else when we saw more than thirty thousand fellow Indians burn to death in an instant. What surprises me that you still have the gall to call and threaten us.”

Chinese President’s voice assumed a conciliatory tone, “I completely understand what your country is going through, but you must understand that the attack was a conspiracy between Pakistanis and a few Chinese rogue elements. We can’t let isolated incidents disrupt peace when so much is at stake.”

“I’ll tell you what is at stake for you. If you don’t agree to what we demand, then be ready to say good bye to your China as you know it. With Pakistan, we limited our strikes to military targets. We wouldn’t be so considerate in your case. Every single city of your’s in our range will be burnt to ashes. I’ll personally start the massacre by firing off your two missiles that we captured from Gilgit. I had warned you of what we are capable of in our last conversation and trust me, I’ll do exactly that. “

“We’ll do exactly what we agreed upon in our previous conversation, as soon as you call back your soldiers from our territory.”

DM answered with a twisted smile, ” I’m sorry to say it to you, but Aksai Chin and Shaksgam Valley don’t belong to China anymore. Even as we talk, our soldiers are pushing back yours to reclaim what’s rightfully ours.”

“We don’t have much time to play such games. I’m requesting you to put an end to hostilities and recall your soldiers. Otherwise things will get nasty real quick.”

Ignoring the threat DM continued, “I hear Tibetans and Uighurs are giving you lots of trouble. Also, US is right at your throat over that Taiwanese F-16 incident. I suggest you forget about Aksai Chin and Shaksgam and concentrate on rest of your trouble spots.”

“You must know that we have the capability of doing much worse with your dissidents than what you can do with ours.” was the predictable reply, which most people in the room just shrugged off.

Everyone in the room watched the verbal duel between the two leaders with bated breaths. Indian blitzkrieg in two sectors had routed the Chinese defences. In Aksai Chin, two pronged attack by Indian mountain divisions had over run most of their defensive strongholds and taken control of vital highways that Chinese had constructed. Indians had preferred bypassing Chinese forces and encircling them wherever possible instead of engaging in pitched battles. Shaksgam Valley which had only token military presence too was overrun without much trouble. Guerrilla attacks by Tibetan rebels helped in no less deal by SFF had disrupted Chinese supply lines and thrown most of their battle plans out of order. Even if PLA succeeded in pushing Indians back over the next few days, it’d still be a major embarrassment for much hyped Chinese military might. And as of now, PLA looked too disorganized and disoriented even to put up a decent fight.
Indians had been bracing up for an attack further south in Arunachal Pradesh, but so far the fight had been limited to artillery duels with neither side committing to a full scale fight, which suited India just fine.
After the successive setbacks, Chinese had at realised their own precarious position and were looking for a way to save their face. Everybody knew that Chinese President was on phone only because he was on the verge of a very embarrassing defeat.
His aggressive posturing was nothing more than false bravado and attempts of intimidation, which had no effect on Indians. Seeing all of his attempts of bullying Indian leadership in to submission, Peng changed tracks.

“Listen Mr Angad. We all realize that a war is not in our interest. We need to end the conflict before it expands and turns nastier. Nuclear weapons have already been used. So far, only military targets have been attacked but you know we have to end this before either of us are forced in to some thing even more destructive. We need to wind all this down”

DM leaned back on his chair and looked around the room at the people surrounding him and spoke, “What are you offering us ?”

0700 Hours
6th November 2012


India and China have both agreed to a ceasefire to the conflict which was threatening to put the world on brink of a nuclear war. The news has come as a major relief to whole of the world as the battles between two nuclear armed rivals started to escalate and spread to multiple fronts.Both nations have agreed to cease hostilities and hold immediate negotiations to resolve their disputes. A Chinese delegation will land in New Delhi within next few hours to this effect.

As many of our viewers already know, India had accused China of hatching a conspiracy which culminated with 2 nuclear missiles being launched from Pakistan, one of which killed more than 25000 people in Rajasthan. Other missile targeted towards Mumbai was intercepted and destroyed in midair by Indian home grown missile defence system.

In retaliation, India had launched a massive nuclear and conventional weapons based attack on Pakistan which all but wiped out Pakistan from world map, causing millions of causalities. Hours after the attack, Indian military had captured a Chinese nuclear submarine just a few KM south of Gawadar port and two Chinese nuclear tipped ICBMs from a tunnel near Gilgit from Pakistan controlled part of J&K.; Based upon the evidence collected, India had accused one senior member of CPC identified as Admiral (retd) Xedong of masterminding the nuclear attack on Indian soil. China had first rejected Indian demands of handing over Admiral Xedong and 7 other CPC and PLA officers and put Admiral Xedong in custody. Xedong was considered by many to be one of the likely candidates for the chair of Chinese president after Peng’s terms got over next year in August. Massive riots had broken out in many Chinese cities after news of Xedong’s death in custody had leaked out.

Two days after the incident, advancing Indian forces in Pak occupied Kashmir were involved in a conflict with Chinese forces near Shaksgam valley. The small fire fight quickly escalated in to something much worse as China launched more than a dozen cruise missiles at Indian bases in J&K;, causing serious damage to Leh airfield. In retaliation, India attacked dozens of Chinese bases in Aksai Chin and Tibet. Although, both sides are tight lipped about it right now, some reports suggest that India used at least two nuclear tipped missiles in the attack.
Chinese forces in the area which were already battling resurgent Tibetan and Uighur rebels were unable to withstand the subsequent blitzkrieg of Indian air and ground attack and were forced to abandon their positions in Shaksgam Valley and Aksai Chin.

According to experts, Chinese forces were stretched too thin due to their ongoing operations against domestic insurgency which had disrupted their supply lines in the remote and rough terrain. Additionally, Chinese government had came under immense international pressure after another conflict with Taiwan and USA seemed imminent brought upon by downing of Taiwanese F-16 fighter plane by a Chinese warship. After the incident USA had dispatched two of it’s CBGs to help Taiwan defend itself against any further Chinese aggression.
Although no official confirmation has come in yet, it’s believed that Indian, Chinese and US submarines were involved in a shooting match east of Andaman islands which resulted in sinking of at least one Chinese submarine.
All of this has seemed to helped Indian forces in their war with China as they overran Chinese defences in Shaksgam Valley and parts of Aksai Chin, before their advance slowed down due to pressure on their supply lines and fierce Chinese resistance. Before the declaration of ceasefire, Indian forces in Aksai Chin had penetrated up to 110 km in some sectors

Right now, it’s unclear whether India will hand over the captured territory back to China. Although China has agreed to Indian claim on Pakistan controlled part of J&K;, both parties remained tight lipped over the Chinese controlled areas. It’s quite likely that India will drive a hard bargain with China over it and probably try to get a favourable agreement on long standing border disputes. Considering that Indians have a fully weaponised Chinese nuclear submarine and crew along with at least 350 Chinese soldiers and civilians in their custody, it seems that they will have an upper hand during the negotiations. Also under present circumstances, world opinion seems more or less to be on Indian side. Though it remains to be seen how it’ll affect the negotiations .