Military Installation : Sukkur Airfield, Pakistan

Name: Sukkur Airport (IATA: SKZ, ICAO: OPSK)

Type: FOB (Forward Operating Base) and a small domestic airport.

Location: Sindh, Pakistan.

Coordinates: 27°43′19″N  68°47′30″E

Sukkur Distance from International Border  97 km


Sukkur airstrip 2.76km


Aircraft shelters on end of runway

4 more aircraft shelters


Sukkur Airfield, some construction is going on in April 2017


Possibly hardened bunkers at end of the airstrip


A twin engined aircraft on airstrip in front of hangars


Unidentified structures


Swampy area near end of airstrip which gets flooded during monsoons



Sukkur barrage and bridge over Indus River

A small aircraft parked near the terminal


Barrage on Indus river


Sukkur Airfield is a dual use airport, but has limited military traffic. It is very near to the Thar desert.  The barrage shown above was a possible target for Indian offensive in 1971 as it is a vital piece of infrastructure irrigating much of the agricultural land nearby.

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