Military Installation : Shamsi Airbase, Pakistan

Name: Shamsi Airfield (Bhandari Airstrip)

Type: Airstrip first leased to UAE for hunting wildlife, then to USA for military operations.

Location: Washuk District, Balochistan, Pakistan.

Coordinates:   27°50’51.00″N   65° 9’35.63″E

Occupants: It was used by USA as a base for Predator drones from 2001 till 2011. Leased by UAE from 1992-2001. Now presumably controlled by Pakistan FC.

Comments: Shamsi Airfield caught my interest in particular due to the fact that no new imagery is available since after 2014. Another point of interest is it’s use by USA from 2001 till 2011 as a base for armed Predator drones which were used in counter terrorism attacks in nearby areas. USA vacated this base after frictions arising due to American raids inside Pakistani territory leading to deaths of 24 Paki armymen. This base for previously under control of UAE which used it for falconry trips.

Shamsi Airfield, 440 km from IB

Shamsi Airfield, airstrip length 2.3 km

Shamsi Airfield, airstrip length 2.3 km

Transport airplane on ground

Structures on way to airstrip from the main road

Look like shipping containers

3 American Predator drones in 2004

New hangars and buildings constructed after the previous image was taken Before 2004, there was only a single small hangar

Unidentified structure on right was constructed after 2007

A Mi-17 helicopter and Paki personnel after USA’s evacuation of the base.

Pakistani and American personnel near a drone

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