Military Installation : Peshawar Airbase, Pakistan

Name: Peshawar Airbase

Type: Military airbase with an adjacent civilian airport.

Location: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa., Pakistan.

Coordinates:  33°59’57.74″N   71°30’53.90″E

Occupants: No. 26 and 16 squadrons of PAF operating JF-17 fighters

Peshawar airbase. Distance from LoC 218 km


Peshawar airbase. airstrip 2.65 km length


Aircraft on ground 1


Aircraft on ground 2. Possibly A-5 fighter Near hardened shelter


Aircraft on ground 3. JF-17 on Taxiway


Aircraft on ground 4. A-5 Near hardened shelters and helicopter (unidentified) base

Aircraft on ground 5. 3 JF-17 near shelters.


Aircraft on ground 6. Possible decommissioned Shenyang F-6,

Aircraft on ground 7 from 2014. These hardened shelters almost always have aircraft nearby


Aircraft on ground 8. Multiple helicopters and planes including one on display


Aircraft on ground 9. Six A5s and one helicopter in 2007



Aircraft on ground 10. Multiple types of aircraft including A5, F-6, F-86 and a few unidentified aircraft , most likely decommissioned. 2012

Aircraft on ground 11. Same place in 2017 with lot more aircrafts


Aircraft on ground 12. A-5s lined up in 2010


Aircraft on ground 13. One JF-17, one small plane and a helicopter


Aircraft on ground 14. One JF-17 on runway and taxiway each


Hardened aircraft shelters with some activity going on nearby


Aircraft on ground 15. Civilian aviation terminal


Hardened underground bunkers


Possible air defence site


Aircraft on ground 16. Helicopters and a transporter plane


Another air defence site

Unidentified. Possible underground storage, missile launch or air defence site


Underground fuel storage ?


Cantonment board office



Peshawar is one of the more important bases for PAF and houses 2 squadrons of their frontline JF-17 fighters. This airbase has been the target for 2 major islamist terrorist attacks in 2007 and 2012. In 2015,  adjoining Camp Badaber also suffered an attack with 29 causalities. This base was used by the 6937th Communications Group of United States Air Force from July 17, 1959 until January 7, 1970

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