Kaalkut, Military Thriller Story. Index post

Kaalkut military thriller book cover

SYNOPSIS: Kaalkut is a military thriller which tells a story about India dealing with provocations from two enemy nations China and Pakistan. Both neighbours have tried their best to make life tough for Indians by waging wars, land grabs, creating and supporting terrorist groups, economic sabotage, threat of nuclear annihilation among a few other things. Most of the time, Indian actions have been quite passive but there have been a few occasions when India has hit back hard using various tools of statecraft and military.

Many of the events in story are based on real life incidents and a few are completely imaginary. As far as weapon systems are concerned, I’ve taken some liberties with a few facts like numbers, deployment dates etc., but their capabilities as described in the story are more or less close to what most reliable sources claim to be. I don’t want to write something which claims 400% victory to India against all odds by virtue of vastly superior tactics, secret super weapons or stupid enemy. My previous attempts (Flames & Arrows and Pinaka) were a bit like this and I was not really satisfied with both. So just hoping that 3rd one will be better.

This post is an index post for all the chapters in the story. I’ll keep on adding entries in this post as new chapters are written. As of now, I have managed to write a basic outline of the book and I plan to publish a new chapter on a weekly basis or may be faster. But as is the case with such writing attempts, there will be some corrections and updates which will be mentioned here. Feedback, critique and corrections are always welcome.


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