Flair of the Dark

Darkness, she called out to him.
“Join my ranks” she said.
“I am the only one who dares
to live among the whispering dead.
Charlatans shall hint ever so often
at that so-called light.
They’ll take you round and round in circles,
My pretty child, Do hold on tight.
They shall induce a fear of me
in your heart unsuspecting.
And you shall fear and loathe me more
for time and times unending.”
He asked her still, “But why, my lady.
Why do they hate you so?”
She told him, “Child, don’t you realize,
I am their most formidable foe.
I’m always there, Shall always be,
No matter where their sight does reach.
Insecure they feel, of my rule,
Against me they shall always preach.”
He walked aside her for a few more steps,
She intrigued his wildest thoughts.
“You amaze me, Darkness, yes you do,
It was you whom I always sought.”
She laughed her intoxicating laugh.
He was drawn to her yet more strongly,
“No, my child, you it’s light you seek,
You interpreted a tad too wrongly.”
She stood up and started to walk,
He begged for her to stay.
And yet, she laughed again and said,
“I’m sorry but I have to go away.”
Tears, they welled in his eyes,
“Darkness, you are my sole companion.”
She smiled, She beamed. “If it is so,
Nothing shall impede our re-union.”
Just then, a gleam, it pierced her heart,
She was gone in a whiff of light.
For a moment he stood their blinded, sad,
And then illumination hit his sight.
He saw the rainbows, and the streams,
He saw the mountains looming,
He stared, awe-struck, at all the marvels,
At wonders he was swooning.
Darkness, she stood at a distance, afar,
She watched him amused and smirked,
She watched him as he unraveled unknowns,
As her love from his heart he shirked.
“Another fell prey to the trap”, she thought,
“But he, I felt , he would defy.
Seeking the illusion they call light,
prematurely he wouldn’t die”.
She sighed and thought, what could she do,
He’d brought it upon on himself,
“I did warn him, he chose not to heed,
I shall not torment myself”
She wandered aimlessly on the meadows,
She adorned the rivers so gracefully,
While in the interim, her past admirer,
He missed her, longed for her ruefully.
Now he realized who he was,
darkness for him was life,
he yearned for her and her alone,
He was engulfed in strife.
The colorful sights, didn’t allure him now,
Nor did the pristine light,
He wanted her to come back to him,
Without her, he had no might.
She was so vital for his existence,
He could shine only with her around.
He called out to her, He pleaded for her,
His voice did just resound.
“With you I’m perceptible, darkness,
I do need you to live.
Without you I have no identity,
Legitimacy to me you give.”
He looked into every crevasse and cliff,
“She must be somewhere, I’m certain”.
And yet it was light, just light it was.
No darkness had it curtained.
The faithful friend she was, darkness,
She came for him at last.
“I love you, Darkness, I really do,
Without you I’m left aghast ”.
It was when you were gone, when I did see,
How imperative you were for my being.
You shall leave me again, for it is the law,
Yet your return I shall be seeing.”
Darkness embraced him, he shone again,
Till time did shift more sand.
“My name is Lucifer, My lovely lady,
Taint me and take my hand.”

Written by a friend..Shambhavi.
A master piece. :)
He he

Don’t you copy it without permission. I’ll sue you. :P

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