Female authors

(If there are spelling mistakes, guess the closest word possible. I don’t use any spell check and am in hurry, so thats all you gonna get)

I finished reading latest book in Harry Potter series a few day ago.
Now call me sexist, male chauvinist or whatever, I really beleive female authors suck.

Now, just for record, I aint no fucking male chauvinist. I hate all machismo and all that stuff. So spare me abuse related to that
I respect women and I don’t consider them inferror in any way.
I RESPECT them. I really do.
(By the way, if you still think am sexist, go fuck yourself)

But female authors suck.
They really do
Agatha Christie, Ayn Rand, J.K. Rowling aand a few thriller writers; these form majority of female authors that I’ve ever read…and they all suck
Suck bigtime

Am talking about Harry Potter right now.

Disclaimer: This text may contain spoilers about last about Harry Potter series, Dont read if you dont want any info in advance

Harry Potter lives.
That aint so bad.
But the thing is that he died. He really did. And he had no business coming back to life
He was just another Horocrux. He was just destroyed. HY DID HE CAME BACK TO LIFE???
He had no possible reason.
But trust female mind, theres LOVE, that conquers all
Fuck the world
There aint any thing called love

The book would have been great if Harry Potter had died

It’d have been great too, if he had lived, but not in this manner
This looks like lifted staright out of some Bollywood Movie.
Considering the no. of Non Resident Indians in UK and US, it aint impossible that Rowling had her brain fucked up by all that Bollywood crap.
Simple thing is that; It’d have been better, if Harry died; going by the plot in last chapters. But he lived due to very stupid reasons. It seems like Rowling bowed to demands of genral publin in this case and found some lame reason for Potter to live at last moment.

Well, I could go on and on and on and on.
But I’d leave that to intelligence of the reader.
Its not that I trust it(intelligence), but still……..
There are still some fre intelligent people that I know

Now, since am on it, lets analyse Ayn Rand.I’ve been reading Fountainhead.


This aint no novel
No story

Characters are like 3 feet tall guys with 6 feet tall heads.
They have brains..loads of it.. but ZERO intelligence.
Roark, hes a genious…but stupid

Geniuses are ridiculed, scoffed at and lots of nasty things happen to them before rest of stupid population realises its inferiority. But still, Roark, He isnt posssible
Neither are rest of the characters

Even if ROark is possible, the story aint.

I’ve read more than half of the story and am so sick of it, I’m searching for excuses to not to read it any further

Heroine gets raped, and she likes it.

Damn it..deviant sexuality, go enjoy it if you like it, but don’t bother me with it

Some good folks offer hero some million dollar kinda project and just “request” the architect some minor addition that’ll make the building look more contemporary. Architect whos really bankrupts chooses to starve rather that add something that his clients “requested”

That’d still be digested if it wasnt for the trial.
I lost all patience after that

Fuck the world who says Ayn is a genius

Shes just a modern artist

You just try to find meanings in the so called arts when there isnt any

People are just stupid


damn her too
Half of her stories were full of explanations about curtains and whether the print matched with bedsheeets ir not
Absolutely unrelated to story

Her heros/heroines..

An elederly woman defeats villain just by syringes full of pesticide.
Fuck her too!!!

Poriot(whatever) was one of the least credible detectives .


Finish this crap
Am getting angry


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  1. I haven’t read a more ill-logical, base less , cynical , amateur AKA loads of shit in one page , Being judgemental is easy n frankly done by the likes of people from who u clam to have a higher ground … u r not sexist or chauvinistic but just completely baseless .. u being my friend ( well virtually) i was trying to find some-thing that would make sense of any sort but i fail like hell… i`m sorry DEV u cant put the Rowling crap next to AYN RAND ( fountainhead needs not have a story its a philosophy n straight ur missing a bloody dam point)…
    shear idiotic stuff man.

    Extremely disappointed

    Konain Saif

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