Defence Section in IITF 2009

I took these photos in Defence Pavillion of IITF 2009, New Delhi using a camera phone. Quality isn’t great. :(

Light Combat Aircraft – Tejas

Light Combat Aircraft – Tejas

Light COmbat Aircraft – Tejas

Astra AAM

BrahMos Cruise missile and Akash SAM

BrahMos Cruise Missile and Akash SAM

Astra AAM

Prithvi and Agni Ballistic missiles

Prithvi & Agni Ballistic Missiles


Pinaka MBRL and Tank-X
Thermal Imager

Konkur and Milan ATGMs

Light Weight Torpedo

FLAME ATGM launcher

Prithvi BM

Sukhoi 30 MKI Specs

Hawk AJT Specs

Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) Specs

LCA Tejas Specs

Lakshya PTA

Mirage 2000
Mig 27

Dhruv & IJT

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