I have started making a list of good work being done by current BJP government. Started quite late, so not everything is as perfect as it should be, but atleast is a start. The sheet below has the list of some work done by new BJP government starting from June 2014. I will keep on posting a new post after every 100 news items. Link to index post

This series of post with tag BJP will be a repository of the achievements of  NDA-II government in center. I will post 100 or more notable news items highlighting the work done, policies and various other aspects of the regime in each post. First few posts don’t have any dates, but will add them later on. I have collected all the data in a spreadsheet. Not a great format to post a blog in, but it should serve the purpose. Inspiration for this work is this topic on BR forums.  These posts contain some more data and are in a more user friendly format.
I will keep on updating the sheet and posting links in separate posts whenever time permits.

  1. BJP Government Achievements. 1-100
  2. BJP Government Achievements. 100-200
  3. BJP Government Achievements. 201-300
  4. BJP Government Achievements. 301-400
  5. BJP Government Achievements. 401-500
  6. BJP Government Achievements. 501-600
  7. BJP Government Achievements. 601-700
  8. BJP Government Achievements. 601-700