Biggest Enemy of US, Osama killed in it’s biggest ally Pakistan’s capital

Osama Bin Laden, the biggest enemy of US is killed in capital of it’s biggest ally Pakistan. :))
Irony of ironies
US forces also shot down a Pakistani helicopter which was apparently involved in hostile actions against them. US did not inform Paki authorities before attacking the compound

Here is a map of the location posted in Bharat Rakshak Forums. The area is very close to a Pakistani Military Academy and nobody with half a brain will doubt the fact that Pakistanis didn’t know of his location till now. A woman who was being used as human shield, Laden’s son were among 3 other people killed in the operation.
In my opinion, families of 9 Sep 2011 attack victims should sue Pakistan for providing shelter   to Laden.

Map of compound where he was killed

Some photos from

Picture of the crashed helicopter. Doesn’t look anything that Pakistan operates.

Links confirming the news:

Statement of US President, Barack Hussein Obama:;=all

Osama Bin Laden – killed In Pakistan

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  1. Thanks Jaidev! Map is most important, it is something like a poor joke that Pakistan didn't know this.

    And why my mind still can't believe that he is dead. What about Gaddaffi? His news is vanished from top sites.

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