Attack on India

I’m still in shock as I type this post. More than a dozen terrorists attacked the financial capital of India, again. Nearly 200 people died and more than 350 injured, many of them seriously. 22 of the dead are foreigners. Indian life is a cheap commodity. Attacks like this happen routinely, many people die, politicians dole out condolences and some money Media makes incoherent noises about root causes, bla bla and life goes on normal again.
Indian culture has this tradition, “Athiti Devo Bhav” . Translated into English it means, “Guest is like god“. This time, dozens of our guests were slaughtered too. If that doesn’t make any Indian angry, I don’t think anything else will.

I wish there was a single entity I could direct my anger upon, but there are so many, external as well as internal, I don’t know where to start.

Intelligence reports till now have blamed LeT supported by ISI for masterminding this assault. Going by confessions of the captured terrorist ( a Paki citizen), circumstantial evidence and past events, there is very little doubt that they were not involved. Civilian govt. of Pakisatan protested the allegations and claimed to be victim of terrorism just like India. Zardari even offered joint investigation, opening of hotline between intelligence chiefs and what not.
He even agreed sending ISI chief to India for briefing as demanded by Indian government, but later backtracked and is sending some 2nd rung official. This shows credibility of Paki civil regime and it’s ability to control terrorists elements in it’s own defence forces and intelligence agencies.
General Musharaff invaded Kargil in 1999 when Nawaz Sharif was in power who came to know of it only when war was already on full swing. I don’t really think that Paki civil govt had much knowledge about this attack either but their complicity cannot be ruled out.
Taliban was founded by Pakisatan with help of CIA to fight against USSR. LeT is just another extension that Pakisatan used to wage a proxy war against India. It’s one of the most dangerous terrorist organisations now and Pakisatani authorities haven’t ever cracked down on it yet. It’s chief ideologue still roams around freely preaching hatred about anything that isn’t Muslim.

2nd culprit to be blamed for this tragedy is media. Most TV channels have been taken over by traitors, dorks and people with their own hidden agenda. The TV coverage of this incident was very stupid and shameful to say the least. Idiots had no sense of responsibility or even plain old common sense. Almost every TV channel was showing live coverage of commando assault and position of snipers that must have helped the terrorists holed inside the buildings. It was only into 2nd day that some of these morons stopped broadcasting everything on live TV.

Then there are these celebrities on TV shows and the anchors who host them. Barkha Dutt, Rahul Bose, Praful Sen, Rajdeep Sardesai, Zain Verjee and numerous others.
These guys need to be tied up then drowned in Arabian Sea. That asslicking B*** Dutt was too busy bragging how some Paki minister Sir was continuously in touch with her on phone and calling for negotiations with terrorists. The obvious fact that she ignored was those terrorists were not taking any hostages. Even at Nariman Point, they killed all Israeli/Jew hostages on first day itself after torturing them. What’s the point of talking with such monsters and for what? They had no agenda except to strike terror and cause maximum death and destruction as the captured Paki told. When somebody made her aware of reality, all she could do was whine and then whine a bit more. God knows what she was talking about but I felt like smashing the TV.
Then there was another moron Rajdeep who once claimed that Dawood was not responsible for 1993 blasts in Bombay as he was seen cheering Indian cricket team. His ramblings this time were as stupid as ever.
I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when some inetllectuals blamed the attacked on Hindutva terrorists. Only notable exception was Arnab Goswami on Times Now. I was switching channels when I heard him saying something in favour of Indian Army (which is quite rare to hear these days in Indian media). His views on expenditure on armed forces and coverage of the terrorist attack were more or less reasonable. Wish I could say the same about any other channel.
When our own media shows crap like this, what else can you expect of foreign media. BBC and CNN called the attackers suspected gunmen/militants, deliberately not using the word terrorist. The people who attack NATO forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere (most of time in their own territory where these NATO guys are foreigners) are called terrorists and criminals, but people who attack a distant 3rd world country like India are suspected gunmen only. A great example of secularism, impartial judgment and democracy. I wonder what’d have been their stance if more British/Americans were killed.

Nowadays it seems like that one of the vital prerequisites for winning a Booker Prize must be stupidity. Here is one gem from one Booker winner, Adiga. Here is what he said,
” Adiga described the Mumbai city government’s ruling Shiv Sena grouping as “xenophobic Hindu nationalists who have let the city’s infrastructure go to seed, while deepening the divisions between its various religious communities.” “The government in Delhi has given the impression, for over four years now, of being clueless on how to tackle the growing problem of terrorism within India,” he continued, before noting that opposition politicians were no better.”
What’s wrong with his bald head? If he is unaware of basic facts that it’s Congress that is in power in Maharashtra, not Shiv Sena, he should keep his trap shut. To think of it, this guy won that award for writing a book about India!!
I will not post anything about Suzanne Arundhati Roy. That idiot is one of the biggest jerks around.
Dorks like them will never learn and just puke crap out.

Same supposedly sane voices called for unity at this time of crisis and not target Indian Muslim community. Very true. Some reports claimed that a Muslim body of India is not allowing burial of dead terrorists on Indian soil. These are the gestures that need to be emulated by everybody else. But the trouble is that most Muslims are in denial. They’ll never agree that there are rotten apples in their community and will blame Indian government, majority non-Muslim population and strange conspiracy theories for everything that’s wrong with them, ranging from education to terrorism.
Even when India has posts of Vice President, deputy Home Minister, former President and top rocket scientist are occupied by Muslims (PM and Congress leader being Sikh and Christian resp.) along with numerous success stories of Muslims in sports, movies, music, science, literature, defence, business among others, such attitude is nothing but downright stupid.
Some names of successful Muslims:- APJAK Azad, Abdul Hamid, Azim Hasan Premji, Sania Mirza, Khans and numerous other Muslims in bollywood, A.R.Rehman who had no qualms singing Maa Tujhe Salaam.

Blaming politicians for everything is the usual thing, but I can’t stop myself from posting something regarding their behaviour too.
CM of Maharashtra visits Taj Hotel along with his movie actor son and a producer. For what purpose? Even he has no idea.
HM of state gives a public statement that such incidents are quite common in large cities like Mumbai.
Indian PM and HM are caught napping come up with lame pre-written statements that aren’t distinguishable from anything they ever said before. Truly pathetic.
Only good thing (if you can term it that way) happened when father of slain NSG commando Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, slammed the door on Kerala CM’s face. That ***** deserved it

Armed forces of India are the only thing people can feel happy about in this case. They are the only beacons of hope for all Indian citizens. It’s nauseating when dorks in media and politics bad mouth our defence personnel for their own agenda. Our concerned and intelligent citizens, babus and politicians have so much trouble paying these brave men the salary they deserve. Even amount of food and discounts at CSD are questioned by these ungrateful b******. But they have no shame when their asses are on fire. They’ll need army or everything imaginable..defence at borders, counter-terrorist opeartions, crowd control, flood control, even cleaning of lakes. But talk about better equipment, more leaves, more salary , they’ll do everything in their power to undermine the army. Shame on them.
I saw a picture of a NSG commando coming out of Nariman House being cheered on by a clapping crowd. The caption read, “The REAL People’s Liberation Army” . Couldn’t be any better

As with other attacks on Bombay/Mumbai people again started saying cliche statements , “Bounce back Mumbai, resilient spirit of Mumbai” and what not. I’ve lost count of the times how many times I’ve heard this thing everytime anything tragic happened. Bombings, riots, floods and now this. I could understand it if it happened one or two times, but when same lines are floating around everytime something happens, it means that there is something seriously wrong.
Where is this spirit when partisan politicians like Laloo, Thakrey, Mayavati play their politics? It’s just a misleading term like Kashmiriyat that died with massacre of Kashmiri Hindus in the valley.
For g** sake, how many times people are supposed to take every beating in the stride, shrug it off and continue with their lives as if nothing has happened!!
Offering the other cheek works only this much. After a certain point you need to wake up and assert yourself. India ( Mumbai) has no cheek left to offer now anyway. It’s time when people demand answers. We pay taxes, vote in elections, behave as good citizens and expect government to provide basic infrastructure and security to our lives and property. If the govt. fails to provide that we need to ask some questions and take concrete actions, not spread feelgood good-for-nothing statements about allegedly resilient spirit of a city or country. What good has it brought to any citizen till now!

My deepest sympathy and condolences to everybody who died or was wounded in that attack. In addition to that, apology to the foreigner guests who died. Indians are deeply sorry and ashamed that we couldn’t save our guests in our own backyard

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