India successfully tested Agni V ballistic missile with officially declared range of 5000 km on 19th April 2012. According to scientists, it was a textbook launch with all the parameters and technologies tested successfully.  I’m writing this post to collect as much information as possible about the missile and it’s effects.


This is the launch video released by DRDO:

Agni V Launch

Agni V 1st test launch










Height: 17m

Weight: 50000 kg

Width:  2 meters

Payload: 1100 kg

Range: 5000 km +

Fuel: All 3 stages are solid fueled

Navigation:  Micro Navigation System (MINS) and Ring Laser Gyro Based Inertial Navigation System (RINS)

Circular Error Probability (CEP): Accurate to within a few meters

Stages: Three. 1st  till 40km above surface, 2nd till 150km and the 3rd takes it                     to beyond 300km, upto 800 km high.

Apogee (Height): 600 Km in depressed trajectory (1st test). Maximum 800                                            km

Additional Capabilities: Can launch small satellites

Anti-satellite interception

MIRV capable

 Launcher: Road and rail mobile. Can be stored in a canister. Most likely will                              arm India’s next ballistic missile submarine (SSBN)

Time of 1st launch: 08:07 Hours, 19 April 2012

Time of impact: 08:27 Hours (20 Minutes of flight time)

Maximum velocity attained :  Mach 25+

Launched from : Wheeler Island off the Odisha coast

Impact point : 5000 km south in Indian ocean


Agni missiles ranges

Agni missiles ranges










































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