Protests in Jammu

Govt. has lost all control over situation in Jammu. Curfew has been clamped over not only whole city but also outer areas and parts of many other districts.

Earlier violent protests were limited to old city areas, but since yesterday protesters all over the city have been fighting pitched battles with police and RAF. In my area, Army had to be called in to disperse the mob. Police fired dozens of shells to disperse the protesters.
House of a PDP leader in Shastri Nagar colony was damaged by protesters.
Standing on a high building, it looks like you are in a war zone..people burning tires/wood on everywhere, using water pipes, vehicles, rocks to block the way of police vehicles.

Some people are saying that a gag order has been imposed on media, forbidding anybody to show anything regarding protests. Many journalists of national and local news channels were beaten up when they were protesting against the order in city. People blame K B Jandyal, Sect. Inormation or this.


Take a look at this picture..and look at the smoke colums only in 1 view. Its same anywhere you look. In a way reminds me of what I saw of Afghanistan or Iraq on TV

Here is a video of dying part of action